I Tried Five Types of Tea From Our Dining Hall… So Here's the “Tea”

Unpopular opinion: tea is better than coffee. Since coming to campus and discovering the wide variety of teas offered in the dining halls, I became a devout tea drinker. Regardless of what time of day it is, how warm or chilly it is, how many cups of tea I've already had, I am always, always, drinking tea. Undoubtedly, three cups of tea may not get me through pulling an all nighter before my midterm as three shots of espresso might, tea definitely has more soothing properties than coffee. As we are beginning to reach peak fall weather, I though it was an appropriate time to share a few types of tea I tried from Bobs and Dana. Without further ado, here's the "tea:" 

1. Chamomile Lemon

Light yellow-green in color, Chamomile Lemon carries a fresh, faint, floral aroma. The subtlety of the floral flavor in conjunction with a dash of lemon imparts a refreshing, yet lingering taste. This rejuvenating tea is perfect to start your day and keep you awake anytime of the day. 

2. Golden Chai

This next type of tea is a dark mahogany color when steeped and comes with a potent cinnamon aroma. The blend of three strong spices–cinnamon, cardamom, and ginger–creates a unique taste that will not only tantlize your tastebuds, but also leave you with a warm, cozy fireplace-like vibe. There is also a delicate sweetness to the tea that follows after steeping it for some time. Personally, I am not particularly fond of cinnamon, so I guess you could that this isn't my cup of tea (pun intended). However, this is surely a nice alternative to the classic, but slightly overhyped pumpkin spice latte if you want to switch it up every once in a while!

3. Aged Earl Grey

Don't let the "high caffeine" label scare you away! Though the flavor is significantly stronger than any of the others listed here, this tea is still worth trying and falls near the top of my list for a tea connoisseur like me. This deep, reddish brown tea not only imparts a well rounded black tea flavor but also leaves a lasting, bittersweet aftertaste. The light citrus undertones, however, help balance out the bitterness from the first few sips and, instead, awakens and brings forth a soft earthy flavor. This tea is one of my favorites and is perfect for a rainy afternoon spent indoors dedicated to Netflix.  

4. Rooibos

I am in love with the golden red-orange hue released from this tea; in some ways, it's very calming and therapeutic. Unlike Aged Earl Grey, Rooibos has a crisp, sweet aftertaste that is well blended with a rich, vanilla aroma. It's subtle sweetness and rich flavor makes it a perfect combination with milk, creating the ultimate milk tea beverage. Why spent five dollars on bubble tea when you can simply make your own?

5. Jasmine Green

Finally, saving the best for the last (as they say), Jasmine Green is my go-to, my ultimate favorite tea in the dining hall. This tea has a sweet jasmine flower fragrance and a muted, yet exquisite taste. Jasmine Green is a very light, delicate, and refreshing tea, topped with a sweet floral finish. It releases an intense aroma, just so that everytime you bring your cup to your face, you get a whiff of the sweetest jasmine fragrance. From a completely objective perspective, I'd say when in doubt, choose Jasmine Green. 

And yeah, that's the "tea," sis.