How to Find Cute Pieces on Depop

I love thrifting. It’s sustainable, it can be cheap, and it’s an overall great way to find unique pieces that other Colby students don’t have, but I’ve found that it can be hard to thrift in the rural town that is Waterville, Maine. The Downtown Goodwill only updates its inventory every so often. 

Because of this thrifting desert, I usually scour depop to find the old sweatshirts and t-shirts of my dreams. The app can be incredibly overwhelming, so here are my tips on how to make the most of your Depop shopping experience!

  1. 1. Follow accounts

    This seems so obvious, but when I first downloaded the app, I didn’t follow any sellers.I was just so overwhelmed searching through the different sections of items. Once I followed sellers that matched my style, it became so much easier to find cute clothes and accessories. It is also so fun to scroll through my following Depop feed when I wake up in the morning.

  2. 2. Search key words

    If there is a symbol or saying that you want on an article of clothing, then I would recommend putting that in the search bar. Some that I’ve loved recently include but are not limited to: “peace,” “Budweiser,” “New York,” and “floral.” 

  3. 3. Search brands

    If there is a brand that you’re totally obsessed with, then I recommend searching that brand! There are a lot of great pieces from current brands like Madhappy, Reformation, and Brandy Melville. If you only want vintage clothing, then the brand “American Vintage” has solely vintage clothing. 

  4. 4. Stalk sellers' likes

    If there are sellers that you like, look through their likes! You will probably be able to find sellers similar to them or just find other cool pieces to buy yourself.

  5. 5. Fliter the sizes of your searches

    Nothing is worse than finding an article of clothing in the wrong size. Like if you find a cute sweatshirt, but it’s a size XS. I would never want a sweatshirt that tight! That’s why it is so helpful to filter the sizes of the clothes you're searching for, so none of the results will be in sizes you don’t want.

  6. 6. Buy bundles

    Shipping on Depop can be really expensive, but a lot of sellers offer free shipping if you buy more than one item or a “bundle” from them. If a store has more than one thing that you like, then it could be worth it to buy multiple things from them! Then again, I also just hate paying for shipping.

Those are some of my recommendations on how to make the most of your Depop shopping experience. Happy thrifting!