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Photo of woman on snowy quad
Photo of woman on snowy quad
Original photo by Natalie Davidson

HC Colby Profile: Meet Natalie Davidson

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Colby chapter.

Natalie Davidson is one of our new members here at HC Colby!


What is your favorite… 

Dining hall? Bobs for sure.

Place at Colby? Hmm..maybe the Spa, it’s great for running into people.

Thing to do at Colby? I love being a part of Best Buddies! It’s been such a nice experience getting to know my buddy and getting a break from work on some nights to spend time with them. 

Movie? I recently watched Goodwill Hunting for the first time and it might have to top my list. 

Song? “Brown Sugar” by the Rolling Stones.

Thing to do off-campus? Anything in Portland, there’s so much to do there. But especially Rêve Cycling or checking out some yummy eats.

What is your dream job? Probably some type of lawyer, but honestly I don’t know yet! 

What is your best Colby memory? I think Doghead last year was so fun-it was my first one, so I had no idea what to expect beforehand. 

Fun Fact! I probably won’t eat any ice cream other than mint chocolate chip. 


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The official account of Her Campus at Colby!
Sydney is a senior at Colby originally from Wilmette, Illinois. She is a German Studies and English double major with a concentration in creative writing. On campus, Sydney is a COOT leader, member of Colby Dance Company, barista in the Mary Low Coffee House, a language assistant, and president of Colby's chapter of HC. When she isn't working, dancing, or writing, you can probably find her laughing at her own jokes or talking about the Midwest.