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Food: 7 Best Ways to Cheat On Your Diet

It’s common knowledge that every collegiette is renowned for her healthy habits. All over the internet you can find the best diets and workouts to try, and of course everyone follows these. The phrase “Freshman Fifteen” has no basis in reality, right? Right. Even if you’re trying to stick to whatever diet phenomenon is popular right now, we all get those random cravings for something we know isn’t so healthy. So what to do?

My theory is, go hard or go home. And of course, make up as many excuses as possible along the way. Here are the seven best ways to cheat on your diet, and feel good about doing it.

1. Chipotle

This popular fastfood Mexican chain has restaurants popping up on every corner over the last few years, and people love it. Even I’m willing to admit I have a bit of an addiction – and Her Campus National’s survival kit Chipotle cards don’t exactly help (disclaimer: thank you to Nationals for everything you do)! So how to visit your restaurant, satisfy your craving, and be happy with your decision? Well, if you get a bowl that makes it healthy. Add brown rice instead of white, there’s an extra health point. And my personal favorite: if you add lettuce, your burrito automatically becomes a salad.

2. Cold Stone

If we’re giving props to any ice cream chain, it ought to be this one. Ben & Jerry’s happens to not carry your favorite combination of ice cream and toppings? Cold Stone has it, and will make it right in front of you. Of course, there’s no way we can pretend ice cream is healthy – except that it’s dairy, and if you add fruit to your Cold Stone creation then it’s basically a smoothie. Best served at 24 hour restaurants at approximately 2 A.M. 

3. McDonald’s

If you’ve seen any McDonald’s commercials lately or looked at their latest campaigns, you know that this franchise is absolutely dedicated to the nation’s health. Getting rid of the Super Size option? Offering Apple Dippers without caramel to their child patrons? Clearly this food option is justifiable – just satisfy your craving with a chicken wrap or a salad and a smoothie. Better yet, make it for the breakfast rush and treat yourself with a hash brown – or three.

4. Maruchan Ramen Noodles

Anyone who has ever visited a college campus can smell it in the air – the addiction and diet staple of a grand majority of college students. Maybe they’re high sodium and high calory, but they’re just so delicious. Besides, if you buy the Cup O’ Ramen with the vegetables, it definitely qualifies as a real soup.

5. Frozen Yogurt

I realize that this category may have already been covered with Cold Stone, but as a personal passion of mine, I feel that froyo deserves its very own mention. Whether your personal favorite is Sweet Frog (Waterville’s own), Pink Berry, or Red Mango, we can all agree that frozen yogurt has made a huge comeback in the last few years. Hopefully it’s here to stay – after all, it’s the healthier alternative to ice cream. It’s just yogurt and fruit, right?

6. Pizza

This Americanized Italian delicacy is easiest to excuse at 2 A.M. as long as you stay away from Papa John’s cheeseburger pizza. Stick with cheese and everything will be okay.

7. Subway

This sandwich restaurant chain definitely counts as a legitimately healthy option. Like actually. Sort of.

Disclaimer: The rampant sarcasm in this article is in no way meant to act as actual advice. Be healthy, treat yourself right, and above all, enjoy food without guilt. HCXO!

Natalie Jones is a first year at Colby College from Northern Maine. She hasn't declared yet, but is leaning towards a Double Major in Psychology and English. When not in class she mentors for CCAK, watches copious amounts of television, and of course writes and edits for Her Campus Colby.
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