Five Things You Must Do At Colby Before Summer

As we start counting down the days until we get to fly, drive, and hitchhike home, here are a few important events and activities you don’t want to miss before you head home (or wherever you may be for the summer). And for seniors, it’s especially important to take part in these things, because it may very well be the last time you do these things!

1. Attend Pig Roast

This event has been deemed “basically the best day of the year at Colby… like, better than Doghead” according to various members of the football team. This awesome event will be held on Saturday, May 2nd. It’s a day-long celebration with tons of *food*.

2. Go to Dairy Cone

Dairy Cone, which is practically a mecca for Colby students, reopened April 10th, and because it only operates on a seasonal basis, you have an excuse to stop by for a cone (or two), since it was closed all winter!

3. Spend an afternoon on Johnson Pond

Soak up the sun by spending a couple hours by the pond. Bring a sketchpad to capture the view, or your camera to snap some picturess of your friends, and make some great memories.

4. Learn a MisterWives song other than “Reflections”

MisterWives actually has a great album. MisterWives comes to Colby on May 9th for SPB’s Spring Music Festival, so it can’t hurt to learn a few more of their songs; our favorite is “Our Own House.”

5. Finals-wise: Don’t stress out too much.

Sure, you want to do well on finals, but remember: finals week may be the last time you see your friends before the fall semester, so try to enjoy your time with them as much as you can.