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Five Pairs of Summer Shoes I Miss


With the weather warming up, it’s time to put our snow boots away and bring out our spring and summer shoes. Next time you can’t decide whether to wear Jack Rogers or Sam Edelman’s, consider some of these shoes for old times’ sake.


1. Jellies. Before gladiators were in, Jellies were the go-to sandals. Transparent and sparkly, these shoes came in any color you could ask for. And they were waterproof. Only problem: the rubber could give you blisters if you wore them too much.


2. Stevies Platform Slip-On Sandals. When we weren’t old enough to wear wedges, Steve Madden’s slide sandals gave us an extra inch. For the girls who didn’t like having anything between their toes, these slip-ons were a gem.


3. Floatie Sugar Shoes. The first time I saw floaties was at summer camp; one of the girls got them in a package. I asked her if I could try them on and I fell in love with them right away. The next year, I got myself two pairs: one small and one medium, you know, in case my feet grew in the eight weeks I was at summer camp. Plus, rumor has it they can be used as a rescue float. 


4. Sanuk Voodoo Flip-Flops. These took me a while to track down, mainly because I didn’t know that rubber bandy material was called “voodoo.” That’s alright though, because I wasn’t a fan of these; I always got rocks stuck in the bottom and they didn’t make a loud, flip-floppy sound. 


5. Adidas Addisage Sliders. For the tomboys out there, these sliders were the way to go. They took some getting used to, but once you wore them for long enough, they massaged your feet. They also dried really quickly, which made them perfect for water activities. 

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