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DIY: 7 Uses for Mason Jars in Your Dorm Room

1. Decoration!

 Cut balloons in half and stretch them around the bottom of the jars. It’s super cool looking, plus then you have a built in organization system!



2. Terrarium

If you are into the beach or the forest you can have your own mini version on your windowsill.  Fill it with sand and shells or soil and moss to create a tiny environment.



3. Photo Frame

Keep your memories on the inside for everyone to see.  Do what I did and give a few friends jars to decorate for you specifically.



4. Plant Pot  

Fill the jar with soil, buy some seeds and you have your own personal herb or flower garden!



5. Cups  

I bought a bunch of jars (which are super cheap at Target) and gave them to some of my friends to decorate with their names.  Now whenever they are feeling thirsty in my room they have an environmentally friendly and beautifully unique option.  



6. Air Freshener  

Maybe you have an especially fragrant roommate… it’s the ugly truth.  Use baking soda and some essential oils and you have an odor neutralizer that looks better than just a box of arm and hammer.



7. Pencil Jar

I decorated mine by making patterns with a hot glue gun and then painting it a pretty color. People will think you’re super artsy if you do this.



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