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Crowdfunding Links for Asian Victims in Atlanta Shooting

By now, you all must be aware of the utterly heartbreaking tragedy that occured on the evening of March 16th, where six Asian women were fatally shot in three separate Asian-owned massage parlors in Atlanta, Georgia. Four people were found dead at the first shooting at Young’s Asian Massage; three more were subsequently found dead at Gold Spa; one more victim was found in Aromatherapy Spa across the street. 

This was a racially-motivated hate crime and mass shooting targeting Asian-owned businesses. We have long suffered centuries of racial discrimination in the United States including, but not limited to exclusion laws, anti-Asian riots, restrictive immigration/naturalization quotas. Over the past week, this unspeakable incident has been devastating news, especially for the AAPI community. It is impossible for us to even comprehend what the families of these victims are going through right now. 

At this time, we must do everything we can to support these families and–more importantly–amplify our voices and help put an end to the persistent Asian hate crimes that have seen a rise of more than 1900% in light of COVID-19. In a maybe a week or even a few days, news outlets will stop covering these hate crimes.  Whether it is through educating yourself on the history of Asian-American hate, advocating for AAPI justice, or giving back to AAPI communities and organizations, we need to collectively do our most while everything is still being covered.

I have compiled a list of all crowdfunding campaigns set up for the Asian women killed in this tragic incident below. Please consider donating if you are financially able!


Hyung Jung Grant 김현정, 51

Link to GoFundMe Page: https://www.gofundme.com/f/in-memory-of-hyunjungkim-to-support-my-brother-i

Daoyou Feng 冯道友, 44

There are currently no crowdfunding campaigns set up for her. 

Suncha Kim 김순자, 69

Link to GoFundMe Page: 


Soon Chung Park 박순정, 74

Link to GoFundMe Page: 


Xiaojie Tan 谭小洁, 49

Link to GoFundMe Page: 


Yong Ae Yue 유영애, 63

Link to GoFundMe Page:



Silence is violent. #stopaapihate


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