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It seems as though smartphones have revolutionized the role of social media in our daily lives, so who better than our own @ColbyGrlProblem to be our newest Campus Celebrity. Whether you follow @ColbyGrlProblem on Twitter, or haven’t yet joined the tweeting movement, Colby girls can all relate. From awkward encounters at Dana on Sunday mornings to the fact that the grill closes at 12:45 at the Spa (How come we’re always hungry for a “buff-chick dilla” five minutes too late??). In traditional Twitter fashion, all the questions and answers are 140 characters or less! So, keep reading for our full Twitter interview with @ColbyGrlProblem and don’t forget to follow her on Twitter. I promise you’ll get a good laugh. Enjoy!
HerCampusColby: So, when did you decide we needed a @ColbyGrlProblem?
ColbyGrlProblem: @HerCampusColbyWe were talking about the crazy sh*t that happened the weekend of Fall Formal when we realized Colby girls are ridiculous.
HerCampusColby: How do you deem something a @ColbyGrlProblem?
ColbyGrlProblem: @HerCampusColbyMost of them are actual problems we have, and we think other girls at Colby could relate.
HerCampusColby: @ColbyGrlProblem What are the goals of CGP?
ColbyGrlProblem: @HerCampusColby To make our followers laugh while they're procrastinating in Miller or on their phones during class.
HerCampusColby: @ColbyGrlProblem What are your thoughts on the role of social media today?

ColbyGrlProblem: @HerCampusColby It's a good way to keep in touch/creep on friends and family, and let everyone know how awesome and funny you are.
HerCampusColby: @ColbyGrlProblem Anything you'd like our readers to know about CGP?
ColbyGrlProblem: @HerCampusColby We like reading all of their own #colbygirlproblems
HerCampusColby:@ColbyGrlProblem Do you plan to expand CGP from twitter?
ColbyGrlProblem: @HerCampusColby Probably not.
HerCampusColby:@ColbyGrlProblem Do you ever plan to resolve any CGP?
ColbyGrlProblem: @HerCampusColby If all #colbygirlproblems were solved, we'd have nothing to complain about.
HerCampusColby: @ColbyGrlProblem Will you always remain anonymous?
ColbyGrlProblem: @HerCampusColbyOur true identities are slowly spreading, but the more anonymity the better.
HerCampusColby: @ColbyGrlProblemHow many followers do you hope to have by the end of the semester?
ColbyGrlProblem: @HerCampusColby all of them.
HerCampusColby: @ColbyGrlProblem Thank you! Keep the tweets coming!!
And don't forget to tag #colbygirlproblems
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