Christmas: From a Jew’s Perspective

I have never celebrated Christmas, not even once. No Christmas tree, no elf on the shelf, no midnight mass. In fact, I thought a wreath was a reef, true story. Anyone could celebrate a secular Christmas, that focuses on commercialism rather than religion, but why have one day of presents when you can have eight nights?

    One aspect of Christmas I have always participated in is the Christmas music. In fact, my mom and I sometimes listen to Christmas music in July because for us, there is no season for it, it’s just another genre. We particularly love Idina Menzel’s Holiday album, it’s like one nice Jewish girl’s Christmas present to another. And Christmas movies are just as good as Christmas music. 

    Something I have never understood is Santa. I remember thinking in elementary school that my classmates were dumb for thinking a random old guy snuck into their home through a chimney and left presents. Side-note: I grew up in New York City so I don’t know what Chimney my classmates thought Santa was going through because they certainly didn’t have one.  If you were wondering I also didn’t believe in the tooth fairy, so at least I am consistent. Having since graduated from elementary school, I can now appreciate the magic that comes with believing in Santa and the tooth fairy. 

    I have always been curious what celebrating Christmas would be like, but never envious of my Christian peers. Because at the end of the day everyone has their own holiday traditions. I grew up with Hanukkah parties made up of lots of latkes and gelt.