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A Chelsea Cutler song for all your fall moods

One word for Fall 2019: #emo. Why is it SO COLD!? Is our president getting impeached? Is the climate about to implode?  The leaves are showing their true colors, and so is that guy you’re talking to.

One word for Chelsea Cutler: #emo. Since 2016, when she first released “Your Shirt” (the best breakup song in the history of the world) the music world has been blessed with four albums and enough single releases to cover ALL your moods.  And she’s only 22. 


To get you through this chilly fall, I give you the ultimate list. This is for anyone, those who don’t know Chelsea Cutler’s music, those who claim you are her biggest fan (you’re all lying, I am her biggest fan), or those who are just looking for some new songs for your ~Autumn19~ playlist. This list is for the moments when you SHOULD NOT be listening to sad music because you’re sad… but does anyone follow that rule!? When you inevitably say to yourself, “What’s up Fall 2019? I’m stuck in my feels!” you’ll know it’s time to turn up the volume and listen to Chelsea. 

So without further ado… here’s what you’re listening to when any of the feels hit hard:


For anger – Hell, Deserve This

For jealousy – Someone Else

Feeling like you are too much – You’re Not Missing Me, Mess

For a near mental breakdown – Not Ok

For acceptance – you were good to me

When you are falling in ~love~ – The Reason, Found You

Sending the risky text even though your friends say no – Flare Guns

A happy EDM vibe – The Shine

For giving it your all, and it’s still not enough – Love You More, Out of Focus

That moment you come to terms with your toxic ex – better off 

When you realize you deserve better – You’re losing me

Giving into the nostalgia – Your Shirt

sad girl – Snow in October

SAD girl  – Giving Up Ground

SADDER girl – Too Much I Miss You

SADDEST girl – Please


This is Chelsea Cutler:  https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1DZ06evO3nBr7f

Happy listening, from one sad girl to another. xo


Environmental Policy major and certified VSCO girl.
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