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Cast Your Vote for President from School

November 6th is closer than you think, and especially if you’re away from your home state, it’s time to seriously start thinking about how you’re going to cast your vote for the election. First thing is first: you need to learn about the candidates. If you missed the Democratic and Republican National Conventions at the end of the summer, don’t sweat it; you can see the candidates duke it out live in a couple of weeks. The first presidential debate is October 3rd from 9-10:30 PM. Its focus will be domestic policy. The second debate will be October 16th from 9-10:30 PM. It will something like a local town meeting, where the public will have the opportunity to ask the candidates questions. The third and final debate will be October 22th, again from 9-10:30 PM and will focus on foreign policy. All of the debates will be broadcasted on ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC, as well as live-streamed. In the meantime, check out The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Huffington Post, both in physical copy, and online, for more information.

Once you’ve learned about the candidates, it’s time to cast your vote. If Maine isn’t your home state you have a few options. First, you can go online to your state’s homepage and look for an online absentee ballot application. My home state’s website says that the application for the absentee ballot is due by noon November 5th, but it is best to do it as soon as possible. If you download the application online and send it in, make sure to follow all the directions carefully. If you’re unable to download the application online, don’t worry. It’s possible that your parents could go to your town hall and sign you up to vote. Then you could have your ballot sent to you at school. Still not satisfied? That’s ok. Fall break is coming up October 15-16, and that gives you time to head to the Town Hall yourself, fill out an absentee ballot application, and get your ballot delivered to you at school!

Want to do something political on campus? The Goldfarb Center has a slew of events that keep people informed. Thursday October 4th, the Goldfarb Center and Outside Colby are cosponsoring the Colby Democrats/Republicans Debate. The debate will take place from 7-8pm in the Ostrove Auditorium in the Diamond Building. Check out more about the event here and check the Goldfarb Center’s site as well!
Information about the presidential debates found here:

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