Best Asian ASMR YouTube Channels

Beginning last fall, I started having restless nights where it took me hours to fall asleep. I’m almost positive that the culprit to my sleepless nights is my addiction to using my phone right before bed. The irony to that is that my new solution to fall asleep faster is with the help of my phone. ASMR, which stands for autonomous sensory meridian response refers to the tingling sensation felt in the head through the spine, has always been something that would pop up on my YouTube feed from time to time. One night after lying in bed for over 40 minutes, I took a chance on a makeup destruction ASMR video. The next thing I knew it was bright outside. 

Whether you’re also having trouble falling asleep or just want another way to relax, the following are some of my favorite ASMR channels. 


I love listening to Bakery ASMR before bed because her videos are always “no talking” so I can fall asleep the quickest! She experiments with many different objects in her videos, but my favorite is her “ASMR Mic on Mic” video. 

Beauty Point is famous for its cosmetic destruction ASMR videos. Not only are sounds super clear, but the visuals are also super aesthetically pleasing. 

I usually don’t go for ASMR where there’s talking, but I make an exception for Tingting ASMR. Tingting’s voice is super soothing and calming. I always loved the feeling of lice checks during my elementary school days and Tingting’s lice check videos are the perfect throwback. 

Latte ASMR always creates super realistic ASMR roleplay videos. Her videos range from all sorts of themes such as doctor’s office to makeup applications. Latte’s videos range from half an hour to over an hour-long, so whether you want to listen for a while or just for a bit, there’s a video for you.