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Beauty: 6 Easy, Heat-less Ways to Curl Your Hair!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Colby chapter.

Curls and waves always look flattering and can be very stylish, but sometimes you just don’t have the time to deal with the cords and heat. Avoid damaging your hair and accidently burning your neck by using these super easy and inexpensive techniques to style your hair!

1. While abroad, I hard time trying to find a curler that didn’t exceeded the watts limit. Fortunately I found a life-saving solution! I fell in love with the use of bendy rollers – they are very easy to use and comfortable to wear at night! Putting them on before going to bed and waking up in the morning is fast and no heat for your stressful and busy life!

2. If you don’t have rollers, you can always twist your hair! My sister loves twisting her hair evenly in different parts, and then coiling them to the top of her hair and securing them with hair elastics. You have mini buns all over your head! Just take them off the next morning for beautiful waves, add some hairspray and you’re off!

3. An easy way to getting soft waves is to wear a stretchy headband and tuck your hair into it. It’s no hassle and you can easily do it while getting ready and then un-tucking them when you’re done!

4. Want to get some fast waves over night? Try French-braiding your hair. Unbraid it in the morning, add a little moose and voila!

5. For some lighter waves, try splitting your hair in half from top to bottom, and coil your hair into two buns. Sleep with them over night and bring them down the next morning. Just make sure to add some hairspray or moose to make your waves last longer!

6. If none of these techniques appeal to you, go for the sock bun! I have always loved using my sock bun because you can go from a classy look during the day to super fun curls at night! It gathers all your hair and you can easily take it off when you’re ready to show them curls!

Hello Beautiful people!My name is Miriam Valle (some call me Mimi), I'm a southern Californian girl trying to stay warm in this winter wonderland, Colby! I'm really into colors, so I'm usually wearing something bright, I don't think I'm that hard to miss. I'm really excited to start writing for HerCampus, I hope my articles are as helpful to you as they are for me! 
Natalie Goodman is a sophomore at Colby with a double major in Government and French. Outside of class, she is a member of the French club, the theater club, and the Hillel on campus. She is in love with makeup, chocolate, and salt and vinegar Cape Cod potato chips.