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Austin Sayre


Year: 2017

Dorm: Treworgy

Favorite Dining Hall: Wherever meatless Monday is.

Major: Econ

Hometown: Summit, NJ

Relationship Status: Single

Three Things You Can’t Live Without: P,M,W

Interests: Dogs, Fried Chicken, and My moms Meatloaf

Favorite Movie: Marley and Me

Favorite Song: Studio- Schoolboy Q

Favorite Professional Athlete: Brian “The White Mamba” Scalabrine


How does it feel to be NESCAC Player of the Week after only one conference game? 

Its pretty good.


Which of your six goals was your favorite against Trinity?

I don’t know but my favorite goal was when Pete Willauer nipped top left.


What do you do on campus?

Whatever’s FTB


What’s one girl trend you don’t understand?

Rain Boots


Are you a beach house or lake house type of guy?

Beach House


Eric Church or Kenny Chesney?

Eric Church


Who is your #1 fan?



What do you look for in a girl? How about a deal breaker?

Nothing turns me on more then a pair of well defined calves but can’t gross feet are a no.


What’s one thing about Colby that you wish you could change?

Big Texas Snacks should be $.75


Who on the lacrosse team would you be hand cuffed to forever?

You if that’s cool.


What is your game day ritual?

Praying to my ancient ancestors.


Blonde, brunette, or redhead?



In 15 years you will be…..

Telling my co workers at my mediocre job about that one time I scored 6 goals in a game.


What is your favorite feature?

My pristine, well manicured fingernails.


People who know you best would say that you are…

Pretty cool.


Describe the lacrosse team in 3 words…

Cinnamon Toast Crunch      


How many goals are you feeling for this weekend?

More than you. 

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