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As summer approaches and we all slowly begin to crawl out of winter hibernation, who wouldn’t want some new anthems to get through the final stretch here at Colby? Whether you’re in need of new music or looking for songs to add to your summer playlist, here are three amazing artists on the rise who have so much talent and even more to offer:


Tom Misch

Tom Misch is an artist from the UK who began producing music on Soundcloud in 2012 when he was just 17 years old. Misch grew up playing the violin and later the guitar, which is why we can see a blend of instruments and beats in most of his songs. His genre is classified as a mix of Jazz, R&B, and Soul, and he credits his inspiration to artists like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Nirvana, John Mayer, and J Dilla. Aside from his tracks on Soundcloud, Misch has released several albums, his most popular being Geography, which is available for streaming on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. If a fusion between complex instrumentals and beats that make you want to dance interests you, here are three of my favorite songs of his to get you hooked:

1. Crazy Dream

2. Sunshine

3. Beautiful Escape (feat. Zak Abel)


Ravyn Lenae

Ravyn Lenae is a young artist from Chicago who began her claim to fame in her sophomore year of high school. She is now just 20 years old and has released two EPs which showcase her wide range and soft falsetto. If you like other strong feminine artists like Jorja Smith, you will definitely love Ravyn Lenae and these songs:

1. Sticky

2. Spice- EP Version

3. Computer Love(feat. Steve Lacy).


Steve Lacy

For the final artist highlighted in this article, I chose Steve Lacy amongst several other amazing artists (Nick Hakim, Yeek, Goldlink, TV Girl) because he is and has been one of my favorite artists since I discovered some of his first tracks like Some, Dark Red, and basically all of his songs on Steve Lacy’s Demo around two years ago. Lacy’s music is extremely unique and features quirky beats in each and every song. If his name rings a faint bell, that’s because he’s also a member of the band, The Internet. Lucky for us, Lacy has confirmed he is releasing his debut album at some point in May. In the meantime, here are three songs other than those I listed above to get you excited for his future album drop:

1. Sunflower(Vampire Weekend feat. Steve Lacy)

2. Looks

3. Ryd


Happy Listening!




Hi! I'm Katerina and I attend Colby College. I love to travel, play piano, dance, hang out with friends, and spend time with my family, including my dog, Huxley. At Colby, I love to make pottery and get involved with volunteering, and I plan on majoring in Spanish or Biology(or both).
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