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5 Ways to Avoid Boredom During Break

After a busy semester, being at home with your family might feel slow. Especially now that most of us will be confined to our houses, it might be especially difficult to enjoy the break. Why not take advantage of the free time? I have come up with a few ideas that might help you avoid boredom during winter break.

Learn a new instrument

This is a really great way to kill a lot of time. You can find videos on YouTube that will teach you how to play any instrument; ukulele, guitar, recorder, piano. You can find used instruments on Ebay and develop a new skill over the next few months.

Knit a chunky blanket

TikTok gave me this idea. I have seen so many videos of girls hand knitting huge, fluffy blankets using chunky yarn. Surprisingly, the yarn isn’t very expensive. You will get a new blanket and a fun way to spend the next month out of this activity. Don’t know how to knit? There are many different YouTube tutorials that can teach you how.

Complete a Paint By Numbers picture

My mom and I finished four of these during the first few months of quarantine. You can order pretty much any picture you want from Amazon, and paint away. You are provided with paints and brushes. This is a very relaxing activity, and it can fill many, many hours of your day.

Hold a family baking competition

Re-create the Great British Baking Show in the comfort of your own home! Come up with a theme (cakes, cookies, pies, etc.) and go crazy. You can set a time limit if you want to or give you and your family the day to come up with a delicious baked good. You could ask friends to visit (socially distanced of course) and judge each dish. I will definitely be doing this with my family over the holidays. 

Hold a PowerPoint night

I also got this idea from TikTok. Have each member of your family (or friends if you’re able) come up with an idea for a PowerPoint presentation. Think “Rare Species of South American Lemur” or “The Worst Episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.” It could be on anything, but preferably, it makes people laugh. You could have each person vote on their favorite presentation and declare a winner of PowerPoint night.

Hopefully one of these ideas sounds appealing and gives you a way to spend the next month at home. I hope everyone has a relaxing break!

I'm a student at Colby College from Seattle, WA. I am on the rowing team at Colby and I'm planning on being a molecular biology major. I enjoy watching movies and baking.
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