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5 Statement Pieces to Add to Your Wardrobe in 2019

Have you been wearing the same outfits on repeat lately?  Me too. I’ve been thinking about what pieces I can add to my closet that will make my style a little more bold.  Sometimes a simple accessory or a pop of color can make a huge change in a look. Here are my tips for slaying your style in 2019:

1. Fringe

By 2020 (the new roaring 20s!) fringe is going to be everywhere.  Get ahead of this trend by being the first to purchase a fringe dress, tank, or purse.  This small addition to your wardrobe is sure to make you look flapper-girl chic! Not to mention the movement fringe creates when you walk can create the ultimate Insta pic.

[Courtesy of Gfycat]

2. Big Watches

Now that accessories like clunky sneakers and scrunchies are back in style, it’s time for women’s watches to start being a more common accessory.  Personally, I like the look of a skinny band but a large watch-face. This style is not only super chic, but it also gives off some serious boss girl vibes.  Right now I’m loving the look of MVMT’s MOD Collection.  MVMT makes the perfect watch to match their slogan, “chic design meets styled minimalism.”

[Courtesy of Ana Azevedo – Unsplash]

3. Statement Socks

Want to turn your neutral colored outfit into a fun one?  Try adding a splash of color with bright patterned socks. Adding statement socks can make your look cute, casual, or sporty (or all of the above!).  Urban Outfitters has a bunch of funky socks, and they currently have great deals like 3 for $24!

[Courtesy of Jack Antal – Unsplash]

4. Faux Fur Colored Coat

Fluffy faux fur coats have been in all winter, mostly seen in neutral colors like black, white, and beige.  Spice it up and spend the rest of this cold winter wearing a cozy, colored, faux fur coat! As these coats are normally pretty big, I like to pair it with tight and neutral clothes, like a black tank top or bodysuit, and leggings or skinny jeans. Add hoops if you’re feeling fierce!

[Courtesy of Roman Laschov – Unsplash]

5. Pop of Color: Cherry Red

If you’ve already got the basics -black long sleeves, the perfect pair of jeans, white sweaters, and that one necklace you always wear- think about adding a new color to that monochrome closet.  Cherry red is a super bold color, and there are actually studies that suggest that wearing red can give you a boost of confidence!  For an extra stylish look, match it with red lip. So whether you’re strutting down the street to work, or just running to the grocery store for a few things, cherry red is the color guaranteed to make you stand out in the crowd. Check out Freepeople’s Wandurlust Mini Dress before you go on a beach vacation for Spring Break!

[Courtesy of Thought Catalog – Unsplash]

I’d like to conclude with a quote from the Jonas Brothers (who have just reunited?!) from their iconic song “Burnin’ Up” from 2008:

Joe: “Red dress!” Nick: “REd dResS!”

[Courtesy of Gifycat – Source Tumblr]


Shannon is a sophomore at Colby College from Chatham, NJ. She is double majoring in Economics with a concentration in Financial Markets as well as French Studies. She is a mentor for Colby Cares About Kids. She loves soccer, skiing, and reality tv.
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