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5 Signs You Are the Mom of Your Friend Group

Let’s face it, every friend group has that one person who basically serves as the group’s makeshift mom. If you can relate to these five things, then you are most likely that person.

1. You do all of the phone-calling. Whenever you and your friends have to order delivery, you are the one who always volunteers (or are forced) to talk on the phone.

2 . Your purse is basically a small grocery store.Your friends can always count on you to have plenty of snacks with you at all times.

3.     …and anything else they could ever need! Need Advil? A Band-Aid? Chapstick? No problem, you have plenty! 

4.     You always clean your friends’ dorms. You may or may not be guilty of making their beds on occasion.

5.     And of course, they can rely on you to be there when they’re down. You always give the best advice and are there when your friends are sick or going through a rough time.

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