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5 Reasons You Should Watch The Masked Singer



I’m going to tell you about the show that I’ve been hooked on watching since its 2018 premiere: The Masked Singer. This Fox reality TV show based on the South Korean show King of the Masked Singer is filled with a mix of stardom, bright lights, and shocking reveals. Behind these masks are 16 talented celebrities dressed in costumes who compete against each other and perform covers to songs. Each week, one to two celebrities are voted by a panel of judges and the audience to be unmasked. Allow me to explain why you’ll enjoy this show as much as I do: 

It’s filled with celebrities you love (or grow to love)!

  The Masked Singer has plenty of talented celebrities, many who have won or been nominated for Grammys, Emmys, Tonys, and even Oscars! The best part is that, despite the huge fame of these stars, they still have fun and can get pretty competitive with each other. The show also features a panel of 4 well-known judges to help guess who each celebrity is, including singer Robin Thicke, comedian Ken Jeong, actress Jenny McCarthy, and singer Nicole Scherzinger as well as celebrity host Nick Cannon. Their wonderful chemistry, playful arguing, and hilarious reactions add to the overall entertainment of the show.

The costumes are gorgeous!

   A number of costumes have been featured on the show. During season one we saw a Bee, a Monster, a Poodle, and a lion, and currently, there’s a Flamingo, a skeleton, a Black Widow, and a Thingamajig (seriously!). Each costume is created and tailored to fit the celebrity. The amount of detail and carefulness that goes into the creation of these costumes is astounding!  A personal favorite of mine in season 2 is the Ice Cream, whose mask is a blue scoop of the delicious treat with a delightful cartoon-like happy face topped with sprinkles, chocolate, and a cherry. The body of the costume consists of a tan-colored suit and shoes printed with the texture of a waffle cone and blue gloves to match the mask. I’ve never seen anything like it!

The performances are A- mazing!

As mentioned before, these celebrities are crazy competitive! Each week, they perform a cover of a song, incorporating their own personalities combined with the persona created by their costumes into their performances! Some performances will have you grooving, catching the infectious good energy through the screen. Others will make you emotional due to the singer’s beautiful delivery. These celebrities give their all; many also having back-up dancers, props, lights, choreographed dances, and anything else to impress the judges and audience.

You will be pleasantly surprised (or satisfyingly correct)!

A huge and entertaining factor of the show is guessing “Who is that?” To help give insight, a pre-recorded video called a clue-package is shown before each performance, which, hence the name, gives clues about the celebrity behind the mask. Some may come very easy to you because of your familiarity with the voice, or because of the clues given. Others, will blow your mind! The most unexpected part is not all of the celebrities are singers, yet many have a voice that will make you wonder why they aren’t!

There is a significant underlying lesson behind this show…

As I continually watch the show, my expectations are completely destroyed and surpassed. The people who come from behind these masks are incredibly shocking, and listening to their clue-packages, which often tells very personal parts of their lives, I’d never know! I think the most important thing I’ve taken away from watching this show is to not judge any celebrity (or anyone for that matter) based on the appearance they project to the world. By being completely physically hidden and having the voices of the celebrities concealed when speaking, the show eliminates any preconceived judgement or associations with the celebrity. It allows a fair chance for the celebrity to be themselves and be free of recognition and expectations of how they should act.

Want to check it out? A new episode airs every Wednesday on Fox at 8pm eastern time (and no I am not sponsored, I just really love the show)! Binge watch the first season, or catch up on the second season! Get ready to frequently ask yourself, “Who is that?” 

Kayla Ricumstrict is a freshman at Colby College. She plans to major in Psychology and perhaps minor in African-American History. Her hobbies are writing, listening to music, and reading.
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