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4 Ways to Stay Warm in Maine, Even Though it’s Only October

Growing up in New England, and Vermont no less, I thought I knew what I was getting into when I applied to Colby. However, Waterville winds send chills down my spine like nowhere else. Even though October has only just begun, days with highs of 50 degrees are common and we need to be prepared because it’s only going to get colder.

Here are some tips for staying warm during the four (but really six) months of winter that are closing in fast.

Do the long mom coat thing

Long mom coats, though sometimes expensive, are a fail-safe way to stay warm as you walk across campus this winter. While they are not always the most stylish, winter coats (like these two, here and here) keep everything toasty warm from head to toe. 


Tea is probably the most underrated drink and can be served in different ways. Whether you like caffeinated or herbal, a hot cup of tea is always a sure way to warm your body from the inside. 

WARM Socks

Although your parka may reach your knees, your body still has to do a lot of work to pump blood all the way out into your toes. Whether you spend the winter skiing or curled up with a good book, keeping your toes warm should always be a priority, and having thick socks will keep your whole body warm even on the coldest days. Check some out here and here


Having nice sweaters is an investment you’ll never regret. Even on the coldest days when all you want to do is wear your favorite hoodie to class, having nice sweaters is a cute alternative that will keep you fashionable and equally as warm. Check some out here

Even though I have provided some links above, you can also consider thrifting online or in stores for cheaper and more sustainable options! Stay warm :)

Chloe is a freshman student athlete at Colby College. She enjoys photography, living a healthy, active lifestyle, and finding hidden spots on campus to soak up the sun :) She likes science more than history, pizza more than pasta, and dogs more than cats.
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