10 Puppy Gifs to Distract You from Your Work

It’s been a week since fall break and I’m already ready for another one. Those assignments that seemed so far away back in September are now due in the next few weeks. The second round of midterms is upon us. Work seems to be never ending. In order to distract you from your exams, papers, or whatever else may be stressing you out, here is a series of puppies to cheer you up.


1. This one has mastered it’s run 


2. When it’s cold out and you don’t want to get out of bed


3. Post exam moves


4. An adorable box of puppies


5. This one knows how to treat himself


6. The cutest truck you ever did see


7. A literal bowl of fluff


8. Someone’s ready for Halloween


9. She’s mastered the procrastination nap


10. And finally, you and your friend reassuring each other that you’re going to crush the second half of the semester!

[all gifs are courtesy of giphy]