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Why You Should Minor in Women and Gender Studies!

Many people struggle to figure out what they should major or minor in. It’s natural to not know precisely what you want to do with the rest of your life. Many people go into college declared undecided until they figure out what interests them. Many colleges require students to have either a concentration related to their major or a minor. A perfect subject for everyone is Women and Gender Studies because of the inclusive, diverse, unbiased education given to the students that produce an awakening of introspection of self and respect for others.

Women and Gender Studies (WGST) is a program that gives students a deeper understanding of people and the socialization of our world. I have a minor in WGST, and I learned a great deal about myself and those around me. I learned the real meaning of words I thought I had knowledge of and a deeper understanding of various topics such as privilege, oppression, intersectionality, implicit bias, patriarchy, feminism, and so much more.

WGST teaches you how to communicate with a wide range of individuals. A fundamental problem in today’s world is that people do not know how to communicate with those who are different than them. This problem is tackled in the WGST program, and you also learn about diverse life experiences. This program will make you into a well-rounded person with a deeper awareness and understanding of people’s various personalities and life experiences in the world.

The WGST program takes everyone as they are and improves the way you view other people. You’ll develop a greater respect for others, and you’ll be a more positive member of society. This subject can be highly beneficial when applying for a graduate program or a job. More than ever, businesses and universities are striving to fill their organizations with individuals who understand the importance of diversity and inclusion.

Why wouldn’t you want to participate in a program that allows you to develop a more profound knowledge of others so you can be a better and more respectful person? Why wouldn’t you want to learn more about yourself and how you view the world through the lens of your privileges and oppressions? Why wouldn’t you want this fantastic resume booster that is going to put you ahead of your competition?

WGST can help you in the long run, and we need more people pursuing this knowledge. This minor allows individuals to become more educated, understanding, compassionate members of society. In my opinion, there is no better subject!

Grace Thomas

Coastal Carolina '21

Grace Kelli Thomas is a senior Forensic Psychology major with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. She enjoys reading, painting, and helping others. Her goals in life are to be a counselor for at-risk youth or on a college campus and eventually a college professor. She also hopes to participate in activism and be an author.
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