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Why You MUST Download Stella Donelly's New Album

Stella Donelly created a powerful song in 2017 titled “Boys Will Be Boys,” discussing issues that lie in toxic masculine culture and attacking the common issue of victim-blaming. 

This year, Donelly comes back with a full album titled Beware of the Dogs that pairs “Boys Will Be Boys” with 12 other powerful songs all tackling real issues and sensitive subjects. Doing so beautifully, Donelly’s album is a sad depiction of real world issues but all portrayed within a soft, sing-song voice and rhythm. This Indie Rock album is perfect for any rainy, gloomy day or to raise awareness on very prominent issues. Below are the songs included in the album and I’ve commented on some of my favorites:

1. “Old Man”

Stella Donelly goes to the next level in this song from her first release, “Boys Will Be Boys.” Donelly responds to lashback from her first release by deciding to push forward and she states that she “had to make a decision that [she] wasn’t going to back away in fear.” As her first song on her new album, this song discusses men in power that use their power for the wrong reasons and get away with it. This is highlighted by lyrics such as “We sat there silently while you kept your job and your place and your six-figure wage.” Don’t miss out on this one. 

2. “Mosquito”

3. “Season’s Greetings” 

4. “Allergies”

5. “Tricks”

6. “Boys Will Be Boys” 

This hit that originally made me fall in love with Stella Donelly is still so relevant and awesome to me. Speaking about the issues of victim-blaming and excusing perpetrators for their actions, “Boys Will Be Boys” should cause serious reflection about this popular saying with detrimental impacts.

7. “Lunch” 

The music for this song reminds me a bit of a love song and is quite relaxing, which is what makes it one of my favorites. I love listening to this song when driving in dreary weather. 

8. “Bistro”

9. “Die” 

10. “Beware of the Dogs”

11. “U Owe Me”

12. “Watching Telly”

13. “Face It”