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Why Stiles is an Underrated Character

*Spoiler Alert*


Lately, I’ve been thinking about one of my favorite shows from sophomore year, the forever magnificent “Teen Wolf”. Then I think about how I was so NOT satisfied by the ending and I need it to come back on. I mean, they even did a flash forward scene of Scott teaming up with Argent to track down some younger werewolves who were being hunted. But enough of Scott, I NEED MORE STILES.


Jeff Davis, awesome creator of an even more amazing show, please hear me out on why there should be a spinoff about Stiles (or just a rant).


He has so much to be told about him. Everyone saw him as a sidekick, a shadow of Scott. Then Stiles eventually started getting a storyline with his love interests and his relationship with his father, but I still feel like he was treated like a pushover. Stiles was one of my FAVORITE characters for many reasons. He was kind, goofy and sarcastic. He reminded me of myself. I always considered myself the shadow to my best friend and if you met me, I totally have all of those qualities. 



Stiles looked out for Scott when he found out he was a werewolf and didn’t out his secret. He always made sure Scott didn’t do anything that he would later regret which makes him even more caring. He even protected Lydia whenever Derek thought she was the Kanima. Little did he know, he was the key to stopping the Kanima and whoever who was controlling him (grandpa Argent).


This man even died (not forever though, only temporarily) to save the guardians from the Darach. Only doing this with a bat at that. 



The most sacrificing moment, and the most pivotal moment in why Stiles deserves more than what he received as a character on that show is when he was POSSESSED by the nogitsune and then became “Void Stiles”. Void Stiles was basically a version of him that had zero feelings and connections to anyone he had loved. Void Stiles is also the reason why Allison Argent is dead… who was Scott’s first love. That totally sucked and I cried my tear ducts out of commission because of how Void Stiles created a rift between Stiles and everyone else. Stiles had so much on his shoulders, but he still managed to smile and make it through each day to help his friends before himself. 


Stiles deserves a spinoff show, because although Scott may be the center of everything (and I’m not complaining because whew Tyler Posey is beautiful), Stiles has so much more of a story to tell. If it weren’t for his insistent concern for all of the deaths occurring in town, a lot of things would’ve ended differently. 


I know it’s been years but I might start a petition. You guys should definitely sign it, because Stiles would. 


Kira Lloyd

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