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       College is overwhelming. When you don’t know where to go, take a drive to redirect yourself.

       Whether it be a 30 minute or 3 hour drive, giving yourself space to get away from the English essay or when your roommate is being too loud again will be extremely beneficial when returning back to what is bringing you stress. Blasting that Katy Perry song you still love while screaming the lyrics that fit your situation all too well is one of the most underrated forms of therapy. You’re going forward. You’re in control. As your foot is on the gas you decide where you want to go and take yourself there. Suddenly, the problem you couldn’t stop thinking about has faded into a “why was I upset?” and you’re ready to face the new task at hand.

       Everyone has a different taste in music, so put on your favorite playlist and vibe. I typically go for soft pop, love ballads, or some of my favorite confidence boosting songs. Listening to Ed Sheeran, Khalid, Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande are some of my go-to artists, and they have diverse song options for any mood you could be in. Whatever “feel good” music you prefer, put it on a high volume, with the windows down for some air, and look at the world around you. Find peace in knowing you’re moving away from what was causing you stress, and moving toward a resolution. 

       Feeling refreshed from the music playing and the windows down, everything feels like it might just turn out alright. Take the scenic route that you usually don’t have time for, and find the beauty in all you drive past. Return back knowing how to handle and move past what was once stressing you. 


Hollie Paquette

Coastal Carolina '23

I'm a psychology major at Coastal Carolina University!
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