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Top 4 Internet Conspiracy Theories

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Coastal Carolina chapter.

At some point in everyone’s internet experience, we have seen some of the most attention-grabbing conspiracy theories out there.  

As an avid conspiracy theorist, myself, I am bringing you my top 4 internet conspiracy theories.  

  1. Mothman 

This was highly requested by a few of our HerCampus members, and for good reason. First spotted in the early 1960s, this creature has started “showing-up” all over the United States. At its first spotting in West Virginia, it was described as a large man with bird like wings and face. 

Some believed it lives along the outskirts of a nuclear power plant, where nuclear weapons for the government were tested.  

John Keel, who wrote the Mothman Prophecies, stated that the collapse of the Silver Bridge in 1967 was due to Mothman. After the incident, sightings of the paranormal creature almost stopped completely.  

Along with other creepy sightings as the years progressed, social media has had a frenzy with this bird creature.  

Mass hysteria has also been claimed to be the actual culprit behind the Mothman legacy…but maybe that’s just what Mothman wants us to think? 

  1. Chess Master Accused of Cheating Using…What? 

I seriously thought I heard it all… and then this popped up on my feed.  

19-year-old Hans Niemann won a chess tournament against the world champion, 31-year-old Mangus Carlsen on September 4th. The grand prize was $350,000, and Carlsen dropped out the next day. Obviously, a sore loser, Carlsen posted some very ambiguous posts on Twitter, which of course sent the ball rolling.  

Although the competition has stated that no evidence of cheating has been found, people are accusing Niemann of wearing a*** beads that vibrated to tell him the correct moves to make to beat Carlsen. 

Although Niemann has denied any acts of cheating, Carlsen and other chess players have stated that Niemann’s growth in the game has been unusually fast.  

So far, there is no evidence cheating has been committed, but I wouldn’t be surprised if very specific and wild rules in chess tournaments appeared in the future.  

  1. South of the Border 

Anyone in the North Carolina or South Carolina region is very familiar with this place. South of the Border, located on Exit 95, is a tourist trap that is known for its wildly flamboyant signs and crazy designs. 

Many people have taken to the internet saying that they cannot understand how this place is still in business, as many families who have visited have seen little to no one there. It’s poorly maintained and borderline unsanitary.  

They have been accused of money laundering, which we have seen from other conspiracy theorists with certain mattress stores. Drug selling and illegal gambling have also been thought of, but there is still little evidence for either. 

Whatever is going on, this place is a local treasure and the closest thing to a fever dream that I will ever experience while awake. 

  1. Prince Harry May Need to Be on Maury 

If you follow the royal family at all, you may have heard of some dark theories circulating the crown. One of the lighter ones is that King Charles is not Harry’s real father. 

The relationship of Diana and Charles was a publicly known disaster, full of cheating and other scandals.  

One of the theories is that Prince Harry is the son of James Hewitt, Diana’s riding instructor at the time. Diana admits that the relationship between her and Hewitt had been physical. The relationship happened two years before the prince was born, and people are commenting on how similar the two looks. 

Prince Harry was also reported to have been suggested to take a DNA test. 

This rumor has been disproven and reappeared multiple times, especially now since Harry and Meghan have left their royal duties. 

Whether it’s true or not, maybe it’s not a bad thing that he doesn’t look much like King Charles. 

Megan Bright

Coastal Carolina '22

Megan is a senior psychology major at Coastal Carolina. She currently works as a zookeeper at Alligator Adventure in Myrtle Beach. She loves all things animals, fantasy, current events, and organization TikTok.