Summer Skincare

With summer fast approaching and the hot weather already dictating our days, it is clear it is that time of year again. No, I’m not talking about the time of no school and beach trips and country music playing with the windows down, although I am excited about that. I’m talking about the time of sunscreen and sunburns. Hoping to improve your summer and minimize your pain, I have come up with a list of some simple sun skincare safety tips.

Lather on the Sunscreen: It is so important that everyone wears sunscreen-men, women, and children. Even individuals who “don’t burn” or “tan easily” need to apply sunscreen before going outside on a summer afternoon. In fact, sunscreen should be apply routinely every day. The benefits of sunscreen are limitless and go far beyond just protecting against UV rays to preventing cancer, minimizing acne, and smoothing skin.

Load up on Aloe: Aloe is magical, I know it and you know it. It shrinks pimples, helps treat sores, and so much more. Aloe Vera gel is most commonly known for its ability to accelerate the healing process of sunburns. Aloe cools and refreshes the sensitive, burnt skin. I recommend purchasing Hawaiian Tropics Silk Hydration After Sun Lotion from Target. This product includes aloe vera along with other typical ingredients you would find in body lotion, so that it not only heals burns but minimizes itching and peeling. I use it after any long day outside, regardless of whether or not I am burned, just to give my skin that extra layer of power and coolness in the hot summer.

Wear Sunglasses: The danger of sun exposure to the eyes tends to be undermined. UV rays are just as damaging to the eyes as they are to the skin. The potential of burning a cornea is much greater than one may assume, and often goes unnoticed. Furthermore, continuous sun exposure may lead to the development of cataracts ( It is recommended that you invest in a pair of sunglasses with 100 UVA protection.

Invest in an Extravagant Hat.: I don’t have to tell you that the best way to protect your skin from the sun is to cover it up. That being said, I know you are not going to want to go out in the 90 degree weather in pants and long sleeves. A large brimmed hat will have to do, and actually has much more power to protect the body than you think. The most important contribution of a large brimmed hat is that it protects the scalp, which is extra sensitive to radiation. It may, in addition, create some shade around your shoulders, neck, and face. And remember, the bigger the brim, the more it protects, so feel free to go all out and get yourself a hat appropriate to wear to the races.

Use Cosmetics with SPF Whenever you can: No matter what season it is, you should always prefer makeup products with SPF as opposed to those without. Typically, these products tend to be more skin-sensitive. Of course the main benefit is the sun protection, and use of these products should be especially prioritized when UV levels are high.

My Favorite Products: Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream 8-in-1 Skin Perfector (SPF 30) available at Ulta, MAC Prep + Prime Face Protector (SPF 50) available at Nordstrom

Avoid the Tanning Bed: Of course, it is best to avoid applying any fake tanner to the skin, but sometimes you sacrifice for beauty. Tanning beds are an absolute no go, as science has proven tanning beds are a lead cause of skin cancer. With that in mind, self-tanners and tanning lotion are still recommended above tanning sprays because they tend to have less harsh chemicals and, more importantly, you can control what kind and how much you are applying.

My Favorite Product: Neutrogena Build-a Tan Gradual Sunless Tanning available at Ulta