Anna Schultz-Girls In Gas Station With Junk Food

Snacks That NEED To Come Back With Dunkaroos

These snacks are all discontinued and we are sad. Do you remember the good old days back in elementary school? When you would get excited when you thought about what they might be serving for lunch. Hoping that it would be pizza day even if it was a Tuesday? Or sneaking to your lunchbox/backpack after recess if your class went outside because, you needed a snack or a drink. 

  1. Gripz

  2. Yogos 

  3. 3d Doritos

  4. Altoids sours

  5. Heinz colored ketchup

  6. Shark bites

  7. Planters cheese balls

  8. Oreo cakesters

  9. Wonka peel-a-pop

  10. Cheetos Twisted

  11. Pepsi blue

  12. Kissables

  13. Danimals Crush cups

  14. Zoo Pals