Self Care is More Than a Face Mask

Taking care of yourself is impactful and reflective on your life. If you’re anything like me, you’ll sometimes tend to put other's needs or problems before your own. This is more than your average ‘How To’ for self-care. Take the time to realize that ‘self-care, is more than putting on a face mask;’ it’s the things YOU can do to have a successful life.  

Getting up in the morning can be a pain! However, starting with the simple task of making your bed will change your mood entirely. It’s a good idea to set goals for yourself, even if it’s as small as getting in the habit of making your bed each morning.  

Dress business-casual, even for class! You’ll instantly feel like a boss with slacks, and a cute blouse paired with comfy, but work attire shoes. Target, Marshalls, and even Goodwill are great options to start building that collection. I started noticing that once I dressed professional, my attitude formed into that “I’m ready to be successful” mode.  

Shopping can be a fun mood-booster, but spending isn’t so great on your wallet (especially for us college students). The next time you plan to go out, bring a few friends and travel around to local consignment shops (Goodwill, etc.). It’s a great way to get some people together and create a ‘new’ wardrobe on a budget! Also, try to upcycle clothes! If you see something you absolutely love but it doesn’t fit right or the style seems ‘off,’ cut it, sew it, and fit it to your liking.  

Start a fun in-home fitness routine! I have never felt comfortable enough to step into a gym, but that’s no excuse to not get a great workout in. When I discovered this free app called Workout Women (aka 7M Women) I had found an entirely new way of working out. When I say free, I mean 64 different fitness routines ranging from 7 minutes to about an hour. Knowing you can do all these exercises in the comfort of your own home, keeps you happy & healthy. 

Have some ‘You Time.’ Read a book, watch a movie you’ve never seen, go for a bike ride, walk the beach, walk a nature trail (even walk around campus), wake up early and make a great breakfast, or even making yourself a comfort food dinner. Whatever your needs may be, fulfill them. Building on this, self-respect is reflective on your friendships, office relationships, and yourself. It’s a huge adjustment to make to stay humble and know that you deserve to be proud of your successes; no matter how big or small. Respect yourself enough to get up each morning and promise to apply yourself in every aspect.  

These simple tasks can benefit you in more ways than one. All it takes is a little motivation, time management skills, and putting yourself first.  

“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” 

 - Winston Churchill