Sad Movies For When You Need To Cry

These are some good movies for when you need to cry because everyone has felt this way at some point in their lives.


Bolt – This movie makes me cry every time I watch it. My sister makes fun of me because it is not necessarily a sad movie, but in my eyes it is. When a famous dog is sent to New York instead of Hollywood, he needs to find his way back home. The thing is he thinks he has super-powers. Can he make it back home? Does he want to go back home to the people who lied to him? Watch this underrated tearjerker to find out.

Christopher Robin – The old gang from Hundred Acre Woods realizes that they need to show Christopher how it feels to be a kid again. When Christopher receives a surprise visit from Pooh, the dynamic duo embarks on an important journey to find the other residents of Hundred Acre Woods.

My Sister's Keeper – I cried. Any movie with people dying from cancer makes me cry. Like an ugly cry. When you are genetically created to be spare parts for your sister it takes a toll on you. This movie takes you on the journey of a young girl who wants to sue her parent for rights to her body even though it is going to cost her sister's life. 

Then Came You – I am going to leave this little blurb brief because there are multiple little goose eggs that make the movie as great as it is. A boy is a hypochondriac with a reason to be paranoid. A girl has terminal cancer. They meet at a support group where they help each other live. 

ROOM – Taken as a teen and forced to live in an enclosed garage. What happens when her captor impregnates her, and she is forced to live in the same shed with her son for over four years? Will they ever find a way to break out? What happens when they are finally free?