Podcasts to Listen to In The Car

When I’m not listening to Billie Eilish, I am usually listening to a podcast to make my drive feel shorter. I don’t listen to the usual current event podcast or the news. I usually listen to something that will take my mind off of the topics that cause so much anxiety for most of us. Here is a list of some of my favorite podcasts to listen to during my commute. 

  1. Office Ladies: Staring Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer (Pam and Angela from The Office). They discuss a new episode from the television show each week and discuss the behind the scenes, fun facts, and host the occasional guest. If you’re a huge fan of the office like I am, then this podcast should be on your list! \

  2. Weird Darkness: Weird darkness is about all thing's horror. I hate horror movies, and in fact I never listen to this podcast at night. However, most of the stories told on it come from a sub-reddit so they are made up. This podcast is a fun way to get lost in all things supernatural and fantastical. 

  3. Welcome to Night Vale: This podcast is difficult to describe. It is a fake podcast that follows a radio host as he reads off the daily news for an odd town called Nightvale. If you love conspiracy theories, then this is the podcast for you. 

  4. Jenna Julien Podcast: Starring Jenna ‘Marbles’ and Julien Solomita, two YouTube celebrities who also stream video games on Twitch. Their podcast has no theme, they usually just talk about new things in their lives or play a fun game. Occasionally they will discuss a current event. However, they always keep things light-hearted and fun. 

  5. The Adventure Zone: I have never played dungeons and dragons. However, I now want to all thanks to this podcast. It follows three brothers and their father as they play endless role-playing games. It is so easy to get lost in their fictional worlds and to fall in love with their fantastical characters.  

  6. Tanis: Follow host Nic Silver as he tries to uncover the truth about an ancient conspiracy known as Tanis. (Seasons 1-4 can be found on regular streaming networks and season 5 can be found on Stitcher). 

  7. Rabbits: Follow Carly Parker as she goes on the hunt to find her missing friend who was playing a game called Rabbits. Literally fall down the rabbit hole, while trying to win the game alongside Carly. (Season one can be found on regular streaming networks). 

  8. The Last Movie: Nic Silver is also the host of this show where he and his friend MK try to uncover the truth about the infamous ‘Last Movie’ (Season one can be found on all streaming networks. Season 2 can be found on Stitcher). 

  9. The Black Tapes: Follow Alex Reagan and Richard Strand as they try to solve the mystery of ‘The Black Tapes’ (Seasons 1-3 can be found on all streaming devices). 

Most of these can be found on all streaming networks. Others state where you can find them!