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Novels to Cozy up With This Fall: Fantasy Edition


Worlds much like our own are backdrops for fantastical places. Whether its angels, demons, vampires or children with peculiar abilities these books provide the perfect escape to a dreary fall evening. When it comes to fantasy, the possibilities are endless. Follow along as these stories grab you by the hand and take you along with it. 

1. Anything by Cassandra Clare: 


So, this is a bit of a cop out. I can’t choose just one of Cassandra Clare’s books to put on this list. I thought it would be better to include all of her books that relate to the Shadow World. I started with The Mortal Instruments and fell in love almost immediately.  

A young girl (named Clary) lives in New York with her mother. She thinks her life is like any other kid’s. After her mother mysteriously disappears, she is forced into a world that opens her eyes to the real world around her. From demon hunting to getting spoken to by Angels, Clary is forced to embrace the world that her mother left behind years ago. 

2. Fallen by Lauren Kate 


Lucinda attends a boarding school for troubled teens after a mysterious fire occurred at her old school. She gets thrown into a mix of colorful characters that open her eyes to reveal a world full of dark secrets and unbelievable tales. While she balances schoolwork and romance, she is desperate to try and figure out what is hiding behind the faces that roam the halls. 

3. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs 


After Jacob’s grandfather dies from a dog attack, he asks his parents to bring him to the palace his grandfather spent his childhood. The only lead Jacob has is to find the mysterious woman his grandfather had written letters to. He not only finds her, but his eyes are opened to a home for children with special abilities. These children hold the answers to secrets that Jacob’s grandfather had been keeping his entire life. 

4. The Chronicles of Vladimir Todd by Zac Brewer 


Vlad, a thirteen-year-old boy is having to deal with becoming familiar with his vampire abilities. Just when he thinks he has the perfect balance of vampire life and schoolwork people begin to sniff around. Soon he discovers that he is being tailed by a vampire hunter and he must figure out ways to keep his secret well-hidden. 

5. The Farm by Emily McKay 


In a world that has been taken over by blood-thirsty monsters, twin sisters Lily and Mel are sent to a work camp. They must try to keep a low profile to stay safe from the abusive guards that roam the premises. Lily has devised a plan to escape with her sister and is willing to do whatever it takes. 


Embrace these worlds with open arms and warm hearts. Treat these characters as if they were your friends, lovers, enemies, whatever you like. Dive into the shadow world or walk among vampires, it’s up to you. Just make sure to let me know what you think when you’re done! 

Samantha Wypych

Coastal Carolina '22

Samantha is a student at Coastal Carolina University where she is a contributor for HerCampus and is currently in the process of furthering her writing skills.
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