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You already know what time it is, the very first blog of Nahdee J’s playlists! Hey everyone!! It’s a new year and that means it's time for a new playlist!! January is a month of new beginnings and prosperity, so what better way to bring it in than with good music! I hope you find a few songs off of my January playlist to get you through the rest of this month! These songs are in no specific order:  

1. Better Days: Ant Clemons, Justin Timberlake ft Kirk Franklin

Released: Jan 21, 2021        

Genre: Gospel        

Album: Better Days (Live) [feat. Kirk Franklin] - Single

If you need a quick pick me up, this song is just for you! It just reminds you that better days are in store for you!

2. Pick Up Your Feelings: Jazmine Sullivan

Released: Jan 08, 2021        

Genre: R&B/Soul        

Album: Haux Tales

Sis...you said you’re done with him? Alright, I need you to go listen to this song to put your emotions into words! Jazmine captures perfectly the feelings one might experience once they are done with a relationship mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

3. LOVE: Jhené Aiko

Released: July 17, 2020        

Genre: R&B/Soul        

Album: Chilombo (Deluxe)

This song is a whole vibe! From the melody to the lyrics-it just makes you feel all happy and giddy inside! 


Released: March 27, 2020

Genre: R&B/Soul

Album: Take Time

If you’re just getting out of a relationship and you’re in that “I miss them and I want them back” phase, this is probably the song for you...don’t worry, you’ll get through it...I promise. 

5. U Move, I Move: John Legend

Released: June 19, 2020

Genre: R&B/Soul

Album: Bigger Love

Are you and your soulmate looking for a song? Look no further! This song is perfect for any couple or even just to vibe to. 

6. Good Days: SZA

Released: Dec 25, 2020

Genre: R&B/Soul

Album: Good Days - Single

Everyone who’s anyone is on TikTok and honestly this song has found its way on there! So while you’re scrolling through picking up miles on your thumb, try and focus on the good days!

7. Best Friend: Saweetie ft Doja Cat

Released: Jan 08, 2021

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Album: Best Friend (feat. Doja Cat) - Single

If I’m not mistaken, Tokyo Vanity said, “that’s my best friend! Ooh go best friend, that’s my best friend!”...This song will have you jumping out of the car with your best friend and dancing in the middle of the street yelling “go best friend!”. 

8. pov: Ariana Grande

Released: Oct 30, 2020

Genre: Pop

Album: Positions

This is my favorite song off of this album for the simple fact she’s so transparent on how she wants to see herself and honestly I think most of us can relate.

9. Peng Black Girls Remix: ENNY & Jorja Smith

Released: Dec 17, 2020

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Album: Peng Black Girls Remix - Single

To all my fellow black girls, princesses, and queens: this song takes our daily thoughts and puts it to a melody that is simply unmatched! If Black Girl Magic was a song, this would be it. 

10. Said Sum Remix: Moneybagg Yo ft City Girls & DaBaby

Released: Sept 18, 2020 

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Album: Said Sum (Remix) [feat. City Girls & DaBaby] - Single

IT’S THE BEING BROKE FOR ME!! But seriously, this remix will have you thinking you are the richest one out here. And on top of that, all of my baddies know, if the City Girls are on the track, it’s a guaranteed banger!

11. Tyler Herro: Jack Harlow

Released: Oct 22, 2020

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Album: That’s What They All Say

To all the beings who feel as if they’re underappreciated and underrated this song is just for you! Jack Harlow takes his view of so called friends and his true friends and compares them: the real vs the fake. 

12. Love: Keyshia Cole

Released: Jan 1, 2005

Genre: R&B/Soul

Album: The Way It Is 

This is one of two songs on this playlist that is dedicated to the Verzuz Battle between Keyshia Cole and Ashanti. All my old heads know that this song is an OG to get you through that heartbreak...it’s alright sis...go ahead and let it out...LOOOOVVEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

13. 34+35 Remix: Ariana Grande ft Doja Cat & Megan Thee Stallion

Released: Jan 15, 2021

Genre: Pop

Album: 34+35 (Remix) [feat. Doja Cat & Megan Thee Stallion] - Single

Ari, Doja, and Meg?! On the same track?! Guaranteed hit! Ari really shows how grown she is on this track because 34….+....35…..y'all see where I’m headed right?

14. Holy: Justin Bieber ft Chance the Rapper

Released: Sept 18, 2020

Genre: Pop

Album: Holy (feat. Chance the Rapper) - Single

Here’s another song you and your significant other can sing to each other while y’all are driving down the interstate. The sweet vibes Justin and Chance put off are just beyond compare. 

15. Foolish: Ashanti

Released: Jan 01, 2002

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Album: Ashanti

This is song number two dedicated to the Verzuz Battle. This song is also an OG. Ashanti is like most of us during a heartbreak: wondering why he hurt us. 

16. Grace: Jonathan McReynalds 

Released: Apr 24, 2020

Genre: Gospel

Album: People

Any playlist would not be complete without a few gospel songs. Hands down, Jonathan McReynalds is my absolute favorite gospel artist but this song right here just hits different! Just knowing that you’re given grace everyday on a continuous basis just makes life a little bit bearable. 


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Nahdea Wiley

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Nahdea is a sophomore at Coastal Carolina University with a major in Exercise & Sports Science and a minor in Business Administration. In her free time, she enjoys to read, write, shop, listen to music, and eat. Nahdea's goals in life include inspiring other women to be themselves regardless of what others may say or think.
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