For My Riverdale Fanatics

Okay guys, one of my favorite shows came back with a 4th season on October 9th, and I’m screaming internally and externally. I’m talking the almighty “Riverdale”, and I cannot help but to be excited. Although I jumped on the bandwagon pretty late, and by that I mean I binge watched all 3 seasons in a week this past summer, this show is all around amazing and intriguing. If you’re not familiar with the show, let me break it down to you so you can be just as addicted:

  • Archie, Veronica, Jughead, and Betty are all friends but it didn’t start off like that at first. Betty was head over heels for Archie, but Archie seemed to be playing with her heart and wasn’t ready to be committed (personal opinion but I’m 99.9% sure that it’s a fact). Veronica Lodge (I like to refer to her by her whole name because it’s catchy) was a former socialite from New York who moved to Riverdale and definitely catches the eye of Mr. Archie Andrews. Archie plays football but has a passion for music, which you’ll see throughout the season, and Jughead is the social outcast who is best friends with Archie.

  • The characters are based off of the ones from Archie Comics, and was then adapted for The CW. 




If you have made it this far then you’ve most likely seen the show and saw what happened in season 3. If not, I’m sorry that you’re missing out. Anyways, season 3 was pretty wild. There was news of cult that was harvesting organs in the town, Archie had to literally fight for his life the entire season, Betty literally almost got her head cut open and got her brain taken away from her, and so forth. The biggest “OMG” moment was definitely the introducing of Griffins and Gargoyles. Now this may sound familiar because it is a spin off of the actual game Dungeons and Dragons. We find out that G&G wasn’t just a game that came into popularity at that moment, but it had been a game played by the… you won’t believe it… the parents of the kids. Penelope Blossom, mother of the all so vile Cheryl Blossom, has spread this dangerous game around to the younger generation, and causing a frenzy. Probably because she found out that her husband is the killer of her dead son Jason (who’s murderer they’ve been trying to find since the beginning of the show). 

    This show is probably more about revealing deep secrets than creating some. I mean, we find out that the Gargoyle King is NOT Jason Blossom and his decaying body was just used as a prop, Betty’s dad is a literal serial killer, and that Betty’s older sister slept with Jason Blossom and had two kids by him and we in turn find out that the two families are related. Yeah, sick right!?!?!?! 


    The very last episode leaves you wondering what the hell is going on and what could have possibly happened to Jughead (because of course something happens). If you haven’t watched this show, watch it now. Do IT. Cause there’s another one of these coming about in season 4. 


Also, NEVER trust Hiram Lodge.