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Most Emotional Disney Shorts on Disney+

So as any person procrastinating doing work does, I watched all of the short films on Disney+. Below are the ones I enjoyed the most or the ones that made me feel the strongest emotions. Whether they were empowering or just generally emotional, I compiled a list and added a very, very brief description of what each short is about. 

  • Lava

    • An underwater volcano wishes to find love. “I have a dream that I hope will come true… I hope that the sky up above will send me somebody to lava.” Lava is a sweet love story between two volcanoes. Both sing to each other and hope to finally meet on the surface and sing with each other instead of to each other. 

    • My favorite part was the song that they sing to each other and how it changes at the end. It was the perfect little details that mattered and made it mesmerizing. 

  • Purl

    • A ball of yarn joins the workforce and paves the way for other balls of yarn to follow in their path. The mission here is workplace equality. Purl shows the journey of a ball of yarn who realizes that to fit in she needs to conform. Once she is accepted she can be herself. 

    • I think that this needs to be shown everywhere. Every magazine, news channel, newspaper, everyone and everything needs to be talking about this. It is a perfect display of sexism in the workplace and the harsh reality that so many people are experiencing. 

  • Kitbull

    • A stray cat and an abused pitbull find themselves living in the same yard. They become friends in a strangely cute game. The cat and dog help each other in times of need. I loved this short because it showed how society portrays Pitbulls and the reality of the situation. Having the owners of the pitbull lock the dog outside chained up and only bringing the dog inside for “punishment”. This is causing the kind-natured animal to change and become nasty and aggressive. Will the dog go back to the loving and playful creature he was before he went into the house?

    • I cried. A little disclaimer though, I also cry over anything that has to do with animals.  I have a cat who is playful like the one in this short film. I also have dogs. One of which is a rescue. She is still not used to the kitten in the house but is slowly warming up to the kitten. The end warmed my heart and I was never more grateful that I didn’t decide to watch this while I was at Starbucks.    

  • Partly Cloudy

    • When a cloud can only make dangerous animals, how does the stork handle delivering theses animals to their parents? Will the stork persevere all of the predators or will the stork switch to a different cloud? 

    • My favorite part of this short is when the cloud makes a porcupine for the stork to deliver and the stork comes back with the quills around his head. I thought that it was funny.

Michelle Boyette

Coastal Carolina '22

Michelle is a student studying public health, psychology, and creative writing. She is hoping that through her writing she will spark joy and change in a world that is desperately in need of both.
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