Love Yourself

Love Yourself, 

This may be a painful truth to some, but sometimes the truth needs to be said. Before you can learn to love someone else you must first learn to love yourself.

I know this statement is very much easier said than done, but it is very important. You must give yourself the love that you need, nobody else can do that for you. You can continue to wear your heart on your sleeve and give your love to everybody, but don’t forget about the person that needs it the most: yourself!

Look in the mirror what do you see? Do you love what you see? Close your eyes, dig deep, what do you see? Do you love what you see? When you get a chance to be by yourself, do you enjoy your own company? Do you love the way you think, the way you act, and even the way you laugh? If you can’t love everything that makes you, well you, how can you give love and expect to receive love in return from someone else?

A letter to the person who has yet to love themselves:

You can’t get to where you need to be if you’re constantly getting stuck on people who can't give you the life and love you deserve. Stop allowing people to take over your mind. Stop putting your heart through unnecessary pain. Most of all stop getting in your own way of soul growth; nobody but yourself can put you through what you go through. All the other things that you try to blame it on are just useless pieces you keep trying to fit into your puzzle, but newsflash, you can’t complete a puzzle with pieces that don’t fit! You will find your place someday, but this here is only the beginning. You thought you knew how to walk, but you’re literally just starting to crawl.

Don’t throw the amazing life you could have all away to settle down now. There’s too much out there for you to become; so many new people for you to meet. So, stop giving your love away to everybody except yourself, and be about yourself for a little while. This is college. Slow down. Give yourself time to experiment but be cautious not to make a mistake that could haunt you later. I know you’re in college, so you don’t like to think much about the later, you’re all about living in the moment, but still, you want your future life to be amazing! Love yourself above all else!