Lady Gaga Has A Big Announcement

The April Fool’s Day episode of Jimmy Fallon’s home edition of The Tonight Show came with an awkward, brief video call between Fallon and Lady Gaga. It had viewers cringing and wondering if it was part of a prank. Fallon seemed to think that Gaga had a big announcement for the people watching at home, only for her to tell him she couldn’t talk right now. Gaga later promised she would come back to the show, virtually, the following week.

Since Gaga is a woman of her word, she reappeared on The Tonight Show on Monday, April 6 with a sincere apology for the misunderstanding. She announced to Fallon and all of his late-night viewers that she has teamed up with Global Citizen, an international organization that combats world hunger and poverty, and the World Health Organization to fundraise a broadcasted telethon called One World: Together at Home. The event will take place on April 18 at 8:00 p.m. EST, and it will be co-hosted by Fallon himself, Stephen Colbert, and Jimmy Kimmel. The special is dedicated to the healthcare workers and other essential workers who are on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic.

Gaga also shared some words of wisdom with Fallon’s viewers and talked about the importance of being kind.

“You know, I have always believed in kindness, and I think that what’s so true about times like now is that there’s financial currency, right?” Gaga said in her interview with Fallon. “But then, there’s kindness currency, and they’re both equally important.”

Gaga says she and Global Citizen already raised about $35 million in donations for WHO. According to WHO, proceeds from the upcoming event will go toward their COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, which was created specifically for the pandemic.

“It’s an international effort,” Gaga said in the interview. “So, the fundraising that we’re doing is for the world.”

The upcoming event will feature performances from Alanis Morissette, Andrea Bocelli, Billie Eilish and FINNEAS, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, Chris Martin, Elton John, J Balvin, John Legend, Kacey Musgraves, Keith Urban, Lizzo, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, and more. Other star-studded appearances include David Beckham, Eddie Vedder, Idris and Sabrina Elba, Kerry Washington, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, and Shah Rukh Khan. You can even expect the beloved Sesame Street characters and special, surprise guests to make appearances at the event.

The telethon will be live ABC, CBS, and NBC, and it will be available for livestream on Amazon Prime Video, Facebook, Hulu, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, and Youtube. Tune in and show your support by taking the pledge to stay at home on Global Citizen’s website.