Influential Women In Music

Throughout the years there have been plenty of amazing female artists who have pushed boundaries, inspiring new generations of musicians. While this list is nowhere near all of them, here are some notable ones everyone should know.

1. Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin is a 60s icon, who gained popularity during the counterculture movement full of love, peace, and rock. Her bluesy voice stylings have been praised for years due to the significant authenticity it delivers. Her style spoke to a generation craving real passion. She earned herself a title as one of the original queens of rock and roll. Joplin rose to stardom during a time where almost every industry was male-dominated. Her achievements aided in paving the way for a variety of female hit-makers today. Joplin is now recognized as a force of nature for creating her own beauty standards, delivering chilling performances, and unlocking the gateway for females in the rock industry.

Song to know: “Cry Baby”

2. Aretha Franklin


Aretha Franklin is hailed as one of music’s greatest gifts. Not only does she have stunning vocals, but she delivered empowering messages with her music that inspired generations. One of her most popular songs, “Respect” is just one example of this. She emboldened women through her lyrics, demanding the treatment all women knew they deserved. She challenged a culture infested with sexism to change their ways. Not only was she a prevalent advocate for women’s rights, but she also was an influential figure in the civil rights movement. She performed at a variety of civil rights events and showed her support for Martin Luther King Jr. She employed her voice as a device for change.

 Song to know: “Respect”

3. Debbie Harry


Blondie’s leading lady, Debbie Harry, defined an era of punk music. Her cool style and strong presence on stage inspired several well known musicians today. Her risk taking style became a staple for a generation. Through her performances, she represented the strength women hold and demonstrated that women could rock too. Her short blonde hair and colorful attire became recognizable to the world as a symbol of the punk/new wave movement in music. Her influence today still hold and as a result we have artists such as Lady Gaga and Madonna. Her tenacious talent brought the rise of women in rock.

Song to know: “Hanging on the Telephone” 

4. Beyonce

Beyonce is perhaps one of the most well-known musicians to date. Her impact has been huge, and she has been working tirelessly on her music empire for years. Beyonce is the epitome of womanly power. She delivers messages of pride and fearlessness in her music, making it so each and every person can relate to it. Her performances go unmatched as well. With a wide array of sold out stadium tours under her belt, it is obvious that she is one of the best in the game. She is a figure in pop culture that represents not only resilience, but also peace and determination through her work with both civil and women’s rights. By gifting the world with several girl power anthems, she has proven time and time again that she is unstoppable.

Song to know: “Sorry”

5. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has been a prominent figure in not only pop music, but country music as well for over a decade now. She has topped the charts with each release, and each time uses her popularity as an opportunity to do good. Most recently, her new album “Lover” is full of messages about acceptance and compassion. This is important, especially in the world we live in today. She reaches a wide range of demographics through her music, and with her message of self-love and benevolence she is preaching the much-needed ideas of confidence along with empathy to the world.

Song to know: “Me!”    

6. Lizzo

Lizzo gained her popularity this past summer in 2019. Lizzo shines as a flute-playing, soulful vocalist who has fearlessly taught the importance of confidence through her music. As a plus size woman of color, she had become a signature idol for people everywhere. She breaks down typical beauty standards and is undeniably lovable due to her genuine sense of self and love for all communities. Her music is the right type of pick-me-up for anyone, and reminds women of their sense of independence.

Song to Know: “Good as Hell”