If You're Thinking of Studying Abroad...

If you’re thinking of studying abroad, chances are you know it’s a lot of work, but you probably aren’t entirely sure just how much or where to start. I’ve made a step by step list for the application process below:

1. First things first, check the date applications are due.

You’ll want to start this process by seeing when applications are due so that you know how much time you have to prepare for this experience and decide where you’re going. Most spring applications are due October 15th and most Maymester applications are due October 30th, but these dates can vary based on the program and if it is run through a third-party.

2. Next you’ll want to set a budget.

There are programs almost everywhere in the world through Coastal’s offerings. You may have your top locations picked out and think you’re set on your only option, but trust me, you’ll want to plan your budget first. A lot of places are expensive, but likewise, many are extremely affordable. By setting a budget first, you can filter out more expensive options above what you can afford and look at the amazing low-cost programs we offer. You might be surprised when you start researching the areas how many you’re interested in exploring!

3. Choose your location and make sure that they offer courses for your major.

Next you’ll want to decide which place you prefer to go to and at what time while making sure that they offer classes you need for graduation. If you get confused during the process or want extra help deciding, talk with the Center for Global Engagement in the Lib Jackson Student Union, Room 109.

4. Begin applying!

At this point, you should be ready to apply for your program. Go online to Coastal’s website and begin your study abroad application. You can get to it by going on Coastal’s “Education Abroad” tab and clicking “Apply Online.” Be sure that if you are applying for a third-party program, you apply on their application as well as Coastal’s.

5. Dive into your budget with financial aid

Check with the financial aid office on how much aid you get for your program specifically, and see which scholarships you are eligible to apply for that will help fund your trip. After discovering how much of your current aid applies, determine how much you need to come up with on your own for the trip and how you are getting the money.

6. Apply for scholarships

After beginning your application and checking on your finances, it is time to start applying for any scholarships you may need to make your program possible.


After these steps, it’s all a waiting game to see if you get accepted into the program and receive enough scholarships! Good luck going global!