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Holiday Gift Ideas for the Disney Fan

More than likely your Disney fan already had their Disney+ membership paid for and taken care of. Instead of buying that for them, here are some other ideas that will be perfect for their binge-watching adventures this holiday season:

  • Fleece Blanket

    • This is necessary for a weekend of binge-watching. There is nothing better than snuggling under a super soft blanket with your laptop and a cup of hot cocoa or tea. This is essential for every Disney+ subscriber or Disney fan. 

  • Tissues

    • Limited Edition Toy Story 4 tissues are essential. If you are going to be watching any Pixar movie or short you are going to need tissues. I cried during the opening credits of Toy Story 4 and can’t wait until it is on Disney+ so I can watch all 4 movies and cry again.

  • Journal

    • Maybe you want to brainstorm your own short film, movie, or television series. The best place to do this would be in your Disney journal.  

  • Mug

    • What better way to stay toasty warm and hydrated while binging your favorite Disney movies and shows. Every Disney fan has to own at least one Disney mug or cup with their favorite character. 

  • Hot Chocolate or Hot Tea

    • These are what everyone hopes their friends bring them back from Disney World. I was always the friend that brought back these hot cocoas and the classic Mickey Mouse shaped lollipops. Now, I wish I didn’t find these online because I want them. If you are more of a tea person, there are also iconic teas that you are able to buy as well. Completely necessary for a binge weekend, it’s important to stay hydrated and what better way to do that than to drink hot tea or cocoa out of your new mug while still keeping up with your Disney theme.  

  • Waffle Iron

    • Obviously, you are gonna have to have ‘real’ food. Why settle for basic, non-Mickey Mouse shaped foods when you can make just about anything in your Mickey Mouse Waffle Iron. 

  • Socks, Shoes, Slippers

    • So now you are out of your favorite snacks and have to run out to the nearest convenience store to fill up again. Never fear, these Disney socks will keep your toes toasty. Wear your Disney socks and matching sneakers will surely be letting the world know just how much you love Disney. 

    • Oh no, you have to go to the bathroom but don’t want to touch the cold floor. Never fear with these festive Disney slippers, your toes won’t have to touch the cold tile of the bathroom floor and you will still be in the Disney spirit. 

  • PJ Pants

    • When you are binge-watching, you’re not going to want to wear jeans. Chances are you are going to be wearing sweatpants, or in my case, leggings. But what if you had super soft and comfy pajama pants? Wouldn’t you rather wear them? Personally, if I had these I would wear them constantly. They also have pockets which is a reason in itself to buy these. 

  • Hoodie

    • So even though you have your blanket over yourself, your arms are cold. Rather than choosing between chilly toes and warm arms or vice versa, you can use this handy dandy hoodie to keep your arms warm and use your blanket for your legs and feet. You’re not Elsa, so don’t let the cold bother your marathon of Disney.