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‘Holidate’ Movie Review: The Rom-Com for Singletons

Holidays are meant to be spent with other people. Friends, family, that special someone. However, the holidays can get pretty boring when you don’t have a special someone and your family and friends constantly bombard you with questions about your love life. Not that there’s anything wrong with embracing being single, but many of us wish there was some way to get our parents off our backs.

In the Netflix original movie Holidate, directed by John Whitesell, Sloane (Emma Roberts) discovers a solution to the struggle many singles have during the holidays: a ‘holidate.’ The concept of a ‘holidate’ is similar to that of the friends with benefits trope in which two people are each other’s dates for holidays only. There’s no strings attached. The only obligation to one another is to keep each other company at a holiday festivity. When Sloane meets Jackson (Luke Bracey), a charming man with a mesmerizing Australian accent and a similar pessimistic opinion about the holidays, the pair make a deal to be each other’s dates for a New Year’s Eve party. The rest is history.

Sloane’s free-spirited aunt, played by the legendary Kristen Chenoweth, also utilizes the ‘holidate’ method, and the family fears Sloane will end up just like her aunt: alone. Nevertheless, Sloane reminds us that being single isn’t the end of the world. She also reminds us that men aren’t the only ones who are riddled with commitment issues. Sloane is unladylike, bold, and relatable. She says what most girls are thinking, and she doesn’t care if she gorges on one too many holiday chocolates.

The film is also worth the watch because it was written by a woman. Screenwriter Tiffany Paulsen captures exactly what it is like to be a single woman surrounded by people who are in long-term relationships. Paulsen, who is also known for Runaway Bride (1999) and Nancy Drew (2007), told Vanity Fair that she’s already thinking of a sequel that will take place in Jackson’s native country Australia. Although the sequel hasn’t been confirmed, it’s exciting to think that the story of Jackson and Sloane is far from over.

The comedy is a refreshing addition to the list of bingeable Netflix holiday movies. It’s not a cheesy Hallmark movie that makes you cringe, nor is it too far fetched to be a viable rom-com. It’s raunchy, and definitely shouldn’t be watched with the family. Consider it a girl’s night movie. The film takes place throughout an entire year, so if you’re someone who hates Christmas movies because they’re overdone, Holidate could be your perfect match. Sloane and Jackson spend pretty much every holiday you can think of together, including St. Patrick ‘s Day and Cinco de Mayo. Netflix describes the film as ‘feel-good’ and ‘romantic,’ but don’t be fooled. You probably won’t be swooning over how charming the leading man is, and you won’t need a box of tissues. As cute as the romance is, Holidate is unconventional in the best way possible. 

However, if you’re looking for a more magical holiday film, check out The Princess Switch or The Christmas Prince.




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