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Group Projects as Told by Memes

We all have to do group projects throughout our time at college and usually they don’t end up so well. So here are a few relatable memes to show the joy of a group project.


How you start the group project

The one person who did all the work finishing the group project

When you create an outline for your group and they still ask you what to do

When it's the night before you need to submit and you get the “I’ll start it soon” text at 11:30 pm

When you end up doing someone else’s part of the project and they say hi to you the next day in class like nothing happened

When someone tells you they were too tired to finish their part of the project

To the other group member who also cares about their grade

The mood when you have had enough of the groups excuses and start being mean

When you finally finish the project

The sweet feeling of deleting the group chat

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Hayley Salsberry is originally from Fredericksburg, VA and is attending Coastal Carolina University for a Hospitality Resort & Tourism Management major with minors in Marketing and History. She is a Pinterest addict and loves to travel. You can usually find her using all of her campus dining dollars on a pink drink at Starbucks or reading on the beach. Follow her Instagram for more @haylstorm09
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