Gift Ideas: Broke College Kid Edition

Ah, yes, the season of gift giving is upon us. However, as a college student sometimes you don’t even have enough money to buy yourself a box of Ramen. So, what are you supposed to get your loved ones this holiday season? Luckily, we have this list to give you some low-cost ideas!

1. Cook or bake something

Everyone loves food. The holidays are known for the great goodies we often receive. Making someone a fresh batch of cute holiday themed cookies or a delicious pie is a great way to show you care this holiday season. Using coupons to buy the products is a great way to shop smart!

2. Write something

As a college student, you may not get to see your family or old friends very often. Writing a memory journal or a series of letters for them is a sweet, personal gift for these people in your life. Taking the time to do this will really show that you care, and the sentimental value of it is simply unmatched.

3. Get creative

If you’re an artsy person, creating something for someone is a great gift idea.  A drawing, painting, or whatever your medium is will stick with them forever!

4. Pictures

You can print pictures from your phone now pretty much anywhere, and cheap picture frames are available at Walmart or even the Dollar Store. Add a little something special by writing a note to go with it or decorating the frame, and boom you have a stellar sentimental gift that will help your friends or family reminisce.

5. College Merchandise

As a student, you either get a lot of free t-shirts or you get a discount on them at the school store. Picking up hats, t-shirts, or any type of merchandise for your loved ones to rep your school is an easy gift that they will totally love.

6. Basket of goodies

Creating a little basket of candy, fuzzy socks, or a little product someone will appreciate can easily be done. By buying a few smaller things you will save more money and add more variety to your gift!