Gift Guide for the Environmentalist in Your Life

It’s gift-giving season! As we are all striving to decrease our carbon footprint, here’s some gift ideas give to either your loved ones to help them to increase their level of sustainability, or to that ever-so passionate activist in your life.

1. Metal Straws

Yes, it’s “basic”, however keeping a metal straw with you when you’re out and about can make a big impact on the environment! Every little bit counts, and it’s super easy to find cute packs at your local department store or online!

2. Reusable Coffee Cups

Hot beverage cups are terrible for the environment. Some have insulation inside that causes the waste to remain in the ecosystem longer. A cute reusable coffee mug would be a great gift, and many cafes will have no problem making the drink in the mug! Here’s a tip: using a reusable mug at Starbucks gets you 20 cents off your drink! Saving the environment and money at the same time, who doesn’t love that?

3. Reusable Shopping Bags

Reusable shopping bags are super useful for anybody! Everyone has to grocery shop, so why not do it sustainably? Reusable bags are typically inexpensive, and of course they last a long time. It would be a great gift idea because universally anyone could make great use of them.

4. Lush Products

Lush is a vegan skincare and cosmetics company. They make products such as bath bombs, shower jellies, shampoo bars, face masks, and basically anything self-care related. It’s all handmade, and most of it comes package free! They donate to many efforts such as fighting animal cruelty and saving the bees. All around, the products from this progressive company are easily affordable and you’ll be aiding in many civil and environmental matters.

5. Environmentally Friendly Fashion

There are several companies now who make eco-friendly clothing. This means they are made with organic and recycled products, like Alternative Apparel. To go along with that, there are tons of nonprofits that donate a portion of their merchandise to a cause! Just some examples are: Sandcloud, Puravida, and 4ocean.

6. Beeswax Candles

These candles are all natural, and free of toxins! They are organic, even the wicks are made of 100% cotton. These would make a great gift to anyone, who doesn’t love holiday scented candles?

7. Bamboo Travel Utensil Set

When getting food out and about, it’s hard to avoid the plastic forks or spoons it sometimes comes with. The same goes for camping or tailgating, it’s just easier to use. However, with a reusable set of utensils in your bag, you can avoid using those harmful plastics. They come with a case and everything, making it easy to carry and mess-free!

8. Reusable Sandwich Bags

Snacking on-the-go is now sustainable! These bags are self-sealing and airtight to keep your food fresh all day. This is also a money-saver because you can reuse it numerous times instead of re-purchasing plastic bags all the time.

9. Organic Coffee

We all have a coffee addict in our lives, so fair-trade, organic coffee is a great option for a gift! Grounds for Change is a great example of this. Not only is their coffee fair trade and organic, but it is also carbon-free. They work closely with several non-profits and use 100% renewable energy during production. Everyone needs their coffee, so opting to drink an organic type can seriously decrease your carbon footprint.


10. Eco Lifestyle Box

An eco-lifestyle box is a great option overall. It provides one with the essentials to get started on a more sustainable lifestyle. You can purchase an overall box or even specify what type of products you want, like skincare or home decor.