Gardening in Your Dorm?

As a lover of all things nature, it was apparent that I’d need some form of greenery as soon as I stepped into my dull dorm room. Plants were my first form of decoration in my room, and it has given so much life to my otherwise plain room.

To get started, I went to Lowes which is conveniently located a few minutes down the road from Coastal Carolina, and went plant shopping. I went in with the idea of getting cacti, succulents, and some form of a colorful flower. I came back with six plants, dirt and plenty of pots to regrow my plants in. I placed five of the plants in a row on my window sill, but the last one I placed in a hanging basket on my wall. However, I advise to place all of the plants in the same location with a direct source of sunlight, because the plant hanging on the wall died shortly after.


With the plants I have left, I water regularly and keep them on the window sill for as much sunlight as possible. I’ve heard that saying kind things to your plants also helps them grow, so I may start that soon to see if it works. Everyone that comes in our room notices and compliments the plants, which is a good reminder that they do brighten people’s mood and we should get more, although my roommate thinks we have more than enough.


Having plants in any living space brings life to the area and is much less maintenance than a living animal, yet there is still the sense of responsibility when it comes to taking care of the plants.