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Fall season means relaxing, cooler weather and with finals approaching, I’m noticing how ‘lazy’ people are starting to get (at least I’m noticing it in myself LOL). Half the battle is already won, so keep pushing harder! Reminder to Yourself: add Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi to Current Playlist

Here are 5 ways to not lose yourself in this second half of the semester: 

  • Make Sure You Have a Balanced Diet and Stay Hydrated 

Having three meals a day is important, and even little snacks help too. Remember that the best snacks are fruits and veggies, my favorites are slices of apples or celery with peanut butter. Make sure you’re keeping hydrated as well, coffee is a great caffeine kick, but nothing will boost your energy more than cold glasses of water.  

  • Start Meal Prepping 

Not only will this save your wallet, but you’ll save time and energy throughout the week. Sunday’s are my days for meal preps, usually some recipes take no longer than an hour to prepare however, this depends on if you include any meats. I find being in the kitchen super relaxing and fun as well! You are in control of what you put in your body and you can use up ingredients that you already have. 

  • Beauty Sleep is Key 

I notice that when I’m not well rested, my entire life shifts. Try getting to bed around 9PM (yes, that seems so early, but when you start waking up feeling refreshed, you’ll thank me for that advice). I know, getting prepared for finals means staying up in the wee hours of the night but, if you notice yourself zoning out in class, take yourself to bed earlier to wake up early and conquer life. 

  • Keep Your Surrounding Areas Clean 

Keep up with your living space such as your apartment and your bedroom. You’ll immediately feel a difference in your mood when the floor is vacuumed and when you remove that pile of clean clothes that you refuse to fold, off that ‘one chair’.  

  • Give Yourself Time to Relax 

If you plan things accordingly to stay on-top of assignments, you can make time with your friends to hang out. Give yourself credit when it’s due, but if you start to slack, cut back on your ‘lazy/fun’ times and focus on the matter at hand; you’re in college to succeed, enjoy yourself but don’t lose sight of that.  

Sophia Edens

Coastal Carolina '21

Sophia is a junior English major at Coastal Carolina University planning to get her Masters in Communications. Originally started as a marine science major, she now plans to take that knowledge with her English major and become a lobbyist/communications coordinator for a non-profit in Washington D.C. With a personal blog on the side, teaming up with HerCampus has offered the opportunity to have her voice heard through her writing in various topics. Lover of traveling, cooking, and reading. Personal Blog: https://sophiaedens.home.blog/blog/
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