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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Coastal Carolina chapter.

All I can see is darkness all around.

All I can hear is shots fired and bombs going off as body’s fall to the ground.

All I can smell is burned human flesh, gun smoke, and death.

All I can think about is my spouse tossing and turning losing sleep praying for me and wondering if I am safe, and my children missing out on yet another day I couldn’t play.

All I can say is “I want to go home.”

I wake up, it was all a dream, so it seemed.

It was in fact not a dream, but a flash back from the time I put my life on the line.

Freedom isn’t free, there’s a price that is paid from the brave.

I am a Veteran.

I served for my family.

I served for the strangers I pass on the streets.

I served for the teachers that teach.

I served for the preachers that preach.

I served for freedom so they can all be free.

I served in armor with honor.

I served with pride.

I served tried and true for the Red, White, and Blue.

America, we love you.   

Annelyn Russ

Coastal Carolina '22

Hi. My name is Annelyn Russ I am a young aspiring writer. I hope one day to pursue a successful job in the journalism field. I am currently studying at Coastal Carolina in progress of earning a degree in Communications and a minor in Journalism.