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“Breast Cancer Awareness: Taking One Step at a Time to Fight the Spread”

Breast Cancer Awareness month is dedicated to the month of October, it was created as a campaign each year to raise awareness about the impact it has on those diagnosed. In breast cancer cases, women rack up a large amount of numbers in statistics for breast cancer each year. Ultimately, more women are diagnosed with breast cancer than any form of cancer. It is estimated that this year alone 281,550 women will be diagnosed with an invasive, aggressive cancer and 49,290 will be diagnosed with a non-invasive type of breast cancer. (Cancer.net) That’s adding up to 330,840 women who will be diagnosed this year alone with that murderous disease. 

Each year, on the third Friday of October, the Breast Cancer Assistance fund hosts a day called “National Mammography Day”. Having access to a mammogram test is essential to the defense against developing a form of breast cancer. The CDC states that cancer is the second leading cause of death in the U.S., “Breast cancer is among the most common diagnoses in women, and screenings/exams are crucial for early detection and treatment.” (BC Assistance Fund) All women should have the opportunity to get mammography tests at least once a year and be able to receive the quality treatment they need in fighting against this disease. 

Not only is breast cancer awareness encouraging more women to get tested and screened, it has also helped women know the causes, signs, and treatment for breast cancer. The cause, no matter what kind of breast cancer it may be, is always caused by the damage to a cell’s DNA. (NBCF Inc.) Many symptoms and signs are invisible when it comes to this disease without the screening from a professional. However, there are some visible signs. For example, breast pain (discomfort, tenderness, pain) or a cyst which one can detect with a self-exam. A self-exam is encouraged for all women to perform once a month to help with the early detection process. If you feel as though there is something not right, no matter what, always call your doctor and schedule an appointment for a clinical breast exam. It is always better to be safe than sorry. 

Years ago, before foundations like the National Breast Cancer Foundation or the Breast Cancer Assistance Fund, awareness for this disease was minimal, if non-existant at all. “For the past 30 years, the NBCF has supported women by helping them get access to the education, screening, and support they need.” (NBCF Inc.) Thousands of women are unable to access or afford the services needed to either find a cancer diagnosis and begin treatment planning or be able to go home knowing they are cancer free. 

Having a month dedicated to the awareness of breast cancer is crucial. Talking about it can help guide women to go get tests which, in result, will lead to earlier diagnosis. Earlier diagnosis is the key to a better defense against cancer that in many cases, leads to better outcomes. It is our job to step up and voice about the importance of breast cancer awareness. More lives are being saved each year and we can continue impacting the growth of those numbers. 

Support breast cancer awareness and never give up hope!!!

R.I.P Betty: one who fought against this disease with strength and passion right until the end of her journey and to all the women who have passed on from this disease. We will always have you in our hearts and never stop fighting for you.

Camryn Lapp

Coastal Carolina '23

Camryn Lapp came from New Jersey to Coastal Carolina University as a Hospitality, Resort, and Tourism Management major. She is currently a junior at the University. Camryn came onboard to HerCampus Fall 2021 as a writer, and hopes to expand her involvement within the club!
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