The Best Athleisure that Won’t Drown Your Bank Account!

If you are wondering what athleisure is, it is athletic clothing that can double as a cute outfit worthy for your #OOTD on Instagram. You will want to strut into class with these pieces.

1. Black Studio High Waisted Leggings (C9 Champion)- Target - 24.99

These leggings are perfect to wear in class or in the gym. You will look fly in these leggings even if you are about to walk into hicks and eat everything in sight. These leggings are available in sizes XS through XXL. These also have a side pocket for your phone which is great if you are running.  These are rated 4 out of 5 stars and in the reviews are all very positive throughout.

2. High- Rise 7/8 length lattice Hem Yoga Leggings -Old Navy $15.00

These fashion-forward legging will look amazing on Prince Lawn or running around our teal track. These leggings can be dressed up or down! They are available in three colors, light pink, grey and a tealtastic teal that is perfect for teal Tuesday! These leggings range from XS to XXL.  They are rated four and a half stars by reviewers!


Wirefree Padded Strappy Back Yoga Bra (CRZ YOGA)- Amazon $20.00

This Strappy backed sports bra is perfect to wear under a shirt that reveals your back, under a flannel or to a yoga class. This bra will keep you in place while looking ten times better than a regular sports bra.  This bra is available in three colors, white, black, and charcoal. They also come in the size range of XS to XL. It is at four stars out of five.

  1. Oversized Sports Top – H&M $17.99

This fancy black top has a giant cutout in the back. This is perfect to pair with a fun bra maybe even the bra that I listed right before this shirt. This shirt is available in sizes XS through XL. This shirt only comes in black.

5. Performance Crop Active Legging(Avia)- Walmart $14.96    

6. Color Block Ankle Yoga Leggings (RBX)- TJ Maxx - $16.99

These funky colored leggings will make you stand out in a crowd (in a good way)! These would be perfect for perfecting your squats or perfecting the perfect position to watch Netflix. These leggings are available in mauve pink and periwinkle. The sizes range from M through XL and are highly rated by reviewers.